Mission Statement

Carroll CAN is committed to action Carroll CAN is committed to action in our community and nation that honors diversity, promotes equality and is inclusive, ethical and just. 

We are an action network of people in Carroll County, Maryland, including; Eldersburg, Finksburg, Hampstead, Manchester, Mt. Airy, Sykesville and Westminster.

Are you new to Carroll CAN? Are you wondering who we are and what we have done?  

We began with a meeting in November 2016 at a Denny’s in Westminster.  We used the time to feel empowered and encouraged that a group had formed (we were only 300 members on a Facebook group site at the time, but just that was so exciting at the time!).  We shared our stories about why we had come, and there was a common theme of “I thought I was the only one.”  The overwhelming feeling was one of relief to have found fellow Carroll County residents who shared the same values and concerns.

And then we hit the ground running!...

We developed an organizational and leadership structure, which continues to grow as we find our groove.

  • We organized a bus to attend the Women’s March on Washington. That became 3 buses, with 136 passengers!  For many, it was their first march and their first moment of activism!  We had a volunteer design our green “March On” buttons that we now wear proudly. After the march, a group of marchers went to a local restaurant for dinner, still in their pink hats, and they received applause and invited others to join our group!  
  • We programmed our representatives’ numbers into our phones, faced our nervousness and discomfort by making calls to their offices. We are now comfortable with something that many of us had never done before 2017!
  • We met monthly and the rooms were packed with energy and ideas. The meetings are ongoing.
  • We developed a list of local businesses that share our common values and interests, to support.
  • We built a website and received donations to host the site for the next year!

Some impressive stats;

  • Our website had 3,952 in 30 days (as of 2/8/17). In just the first eight days of February 2017, we had 696 visits.

Actions and accomplishments include;

  • We created a public Carroll CAN Facebook page so that interested parties can find us, see our calls to action and act.
  • Our Call to Action team verifies and disseminates action items that we can address every day!
  • Our team posts Calls to Action to our Website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Sign up via email is also an option.
  • We developed a logo that signifies our awareness that we are stronger as a united team.   We once felt alone because of our values, and now we have both comfort and unified action because of our togetherness.
  • Our members went to BWI to show support for refugees and immigrants, the day the Travel Ban went into effect.  
  • Members gather on Main Street in Westminster each Saturday for the Weekly Unity Rally with signs and messages of inclusion, kindness, and support.
  • We organized and hosted a highly successful Town Hall Meeting on March 2, 2017, focused on the Affordable Care Act!  It was a packed house with attendees from our Senators' offices and our Representatives AND we received widespread, positive, media coverage.
  • Members organised and executed a rally on Capitol Hill in support of the Affordable Care Act on May 18, 2017.  All appropriate permits were secured by a member and we were joined by some of our friends from Montgomery and Talbot Counties.
  • Since May 2017,  two candidates running for Congress for District 1, and a gubernatorial candidate have presented to us. They came to us!

We are passionate and motivated! People who have never been engaged in anything like this before, have stepped up to lead a subcommittee!  People who made suggestions, made those suggestion happen!  All it takes is that first thought of “Can I do ___?” and you will get a resounding and supportive, “Yes you CAN!”

We have managed to add activism and volunteering to our already full plates.  We gave our talents without expectation of recognition nor reimbursement.  We learned new skills and have been willing to go outside our comfort zones.

We are Carroll CAN—an action-focused, action-packed community network of kind, compassionate, and dedicated Carroll County residents. Together, we have, we will, and we CAN.