What is an "Issues at a Glance"page?

Our goal is provide you with a quick cheat sheet on all the issues facing residents in Carroll County, MD.  We have broken down the important issues so you can understand what is going on at-a-glance.  Links are provided to further your knowledge.


Why dont you have (my topic) listed here?

We will as soon as you submit that information! We are relying on members like you who have a topic you are passionate about, that you want to research and deliver the results to us.  


Your Resource Page is out of date.

Thanks for spotting that! Please submit an update for us so we can keep everyone informed! 

I have a personal experience you can add to your "Issues at a Glance"

Thanks! We would love to share your story.  We hope your personal experience will help others understand why this issue is so important and that it does affect real people in their community.