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Action-A-Day 5/17: Show up to support LGBTQ+ students

BACKGROUND: On 5/8/19 the Carroll County School Board presented their Non-Discrimination Policy along with guidelines for implementation.  This is was started back in the summer of 2016 when the CCPS created committees to try to see how their policy looked compared to others.  This was due to the “Dear Colleague” letter, and then this got tabled. The “guidelines” that they are proposed are loose, vague, limited, and in some cases harmful.  These cannot be the guidelines to implement.  PFLAG members and supporters all addressed the transgender, gender identity, non-conforming, gender queer, LGBTQ+, concerns and issues, and the need for a explicit, comprehensive, inclusive Policy/guidelines. FreeStateJustice has offered to them and us a Model Policy/guidelines to use.

ACTION: Spread the word about this important meeting. On Sunday 5/19/19, PFLAG Carroll County will be having further discussion regarding the CCPS Non-Discrimination Policy and will begin to create a model policy to provide safe and welcoming schools for sexual and gender minority students.  They will show folks the CCPS policy/guidelines and FreeStateJustice Policy/Guidelines.  They want to have as many voices at the meeting as possible so that what they give back to the Board truly represents our LGBTQ+ students/community. 
***********They hope to have students/parents/teachers etc.***********

Feedback email sent out by CCPS

Board Notes reflect highlights from the Board of Education meeting. Detailed information on the underlined agenda items may be accessed by clicking on the title. Agenda items also can be found on the CCPS website at by clicking on Board of Education and Agendas and Documents on the home page. Official Board minutes are available online after Board approval.


Board of Education meetings are streamed live on the CCPS website and broadcast live on CETV Channel 21. They also may be accessed on demand on the website and are rebroadcast throughout the month on Channel 21.




To see the discussion of these items, you may view the meeting online or watch a rebroadcast of the meeting on CETV Channel 21 throughout the month. Please note that due to the length of the meeting, the online video is in two parts.


Board Meeting Video Part 1

Board Meeting Video Part 2


The Board is seeking feedback on the following items:

  • Proposed Revisions to Board Policy JICJ: Portable Electronic Devices

  • Proposed Educational Equity Policy

  • Proposed Revisions to Board Policy AC: Non-Discrimination Policy

  • Proposed Revisions to Board Policy ADD: Serious Threats of Violence and Weapons






Revisions to Board Policy AC - Non-Discrimination Policy

Overview: (Administrative Regulations to Board Policy AC: Non-Discrimination)

Recent changes to the organizational structure of Carroll County Public Schools require updates to the Administrative Regulations, many of which are references. However, in reviewing to make these organizational updates, other changes arose. Most notably, staff noted that the Administrative Regulation had been revised in recent years to expand the categories that are protected under law from discrimination, but those protected categories are not contained and maintained within the policy itself. Federal and state laws, as well as agency guidance, have expanded and clarified the protected categories in recent years. In addition, federal courts have continued to provide guidance on the interpretation of federal laws and agency guidance. It is important that those protected categories be clear in both the Board policy and the administrative regulation. Lastly, the policy is revised to clarify that, in addition to the policy and administrative regulation, the Superintendent will direct staff to provide appropriate guidelines across the system to ensure that the Board’s commitment to non-discrimination is communicated and maintained in all practices.