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Action-A-Day 6/20/18: Asylee Advocacy

Lots of options for actions on this topic! Pick one or pick all!

Option 1: Organize a carpool to the Baltimore Rally in Defense of Immigrants on Wednesday June 20, 2018 5p-7:30p at the ICE office at 40 S Gay Street in Baltimore.

Option 2: Gather friends to attend the Westminster Patriot Rally on Saturday June 23, 2018 1p-2p. Bring a sign to the rally to express your sentiments about supporting the asylee families that are being ripped apart at the border.

Option 3: Reach out to your federal reps and Governor Hogan to ask them to keep fighting for asylees. Call, fax, email, ResistBot or do them all! You can use Common Cause to identify your elected officials and locate their contact information.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: My name is _________ from (zip code) and I am calling to ask (elected official) to continue to fight on behalf of immigrant families who are seeking asylum in the US. The practice of separating families at the border is not required by law and is a cruel and inhumane practice. I am asking (elected official) to support legislation such as the "Keep Families Together Act" and other bills which protect immigrant families from being torn apart. Legislation takes time, please also keep the pressure on ICE and DOJ to stop the practice of separating these families NOW.

Regardless of which option(s) you choose to act on, please share this call to action far and wide!

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