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Action-A-Day 2/8: Squash Trump's Marching Orders to the Pentagon

ACTION: Call you federal elected officials to ask them to speak out against Trump’s request for a military parade.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: My name is _____________ from (zip code) and I am calling to ask Senator/Representative_________________ to publicly speak about against President Trump’s desire for a military parade. In light of the federal budget crisis it would be irresponsible to spend millions on a parade. I’d rather know that our military members will be getting paid on time than have them driving tanks through DC. Thank you for your support.


You can also use RESISTBOT

BACKGROUND: Recently, 45 met with Pentagon officials to advance his plans for a military parade in DC that would end up costing taxpayers millions. 45 is trying to mimic the French Bastille Day Parade he attended last year. He has been quoted as saying “I want a parade like the one in France”. Many members of Congress and veterans have come out publicly saying the parade would be a huge waste of money. Others fear the spectacle would too closely resemble something an authoritarian head of state would demand in Russia or North Korea.


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