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Action-A-Day Tuesday, 2/27/18 Support The Request for Ethics Compliance to State Law.

Plan to attend the Public Hearing tonight to give direct input and comment to the draft Ethics Ordinance.  Or come out to support the VOCAL Carroll County position.  This meeting is scheduled for today, Wednesday, February 27, 2018 at 7:00 pm;  in Room 003 of the county office building at 225 N Center Street in Westminster, MD.      

This Ordinance is essential in the move towards more transparency in our local government;  And for holding elected, appointed and hired staff accountable for minimum standards of behavior. 

If you are unable to attend you can: 

1.  Sign the attached petition to affirm your support of ethical behavior in government.

2. Write to the Board of County Commissioners with your comments. The public record will remain open for an additional 10 days.  Send Email to:


“Carroll is the ONLY county in Maryland that has not passed an ethics ordinance that complies with state law passed in 2010.”——— from VOCAL Carroll County’s petition explanation. 

As the research and VOCAL’s petition states:  “In 2010, the Maryland General Assembly crossed political divides to unanimously pass an ethics law that required all jurisdictions to enact local ordinances that are at least as strict as those required of state officials.  In 2018, after 8 years of non-compliance, the Board of County Commissioners finally rescheduled a Public Hearing on a newly revised draft ethics ordinance at VOCAL's urging.” 

The attached petition tells County Board of Commissioners that the citizens demand action.  After 8 years of delay, we need transparency and the ability to hold elected and appointed officials to higher standards of ethical behavior.  We want conflicts of interest and as stated by law, the appearance of conflicts of interest to decrease.  


Carroll County Ethics Ordinance Timeline

VOCAL Carroll County Resource Page and affiliated Ethics information:

Sign the Petition:

Current Carroll County Draft Ordinance

Credit for this CTA goes to members of VOCAL Carroll County.