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Action-A-Day Wednesday 2/14/2018 Take Action to Expand Voter Access in Maryland.


1).  Call all the Maryland State Delegates Representing Carroll County and ask them to support HB 532, The Registration and Voting at Precinct Polling Place Act ; and HB 152, The Secure Accessibility Registration Act.

District 4

Delegate Kathy Afzali                410-841-3288

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti            410-841-3080

Delegate David Vogt                 410-841-3118

District 5

Delegate Susan Krebs              410-841-3200

Delegate April Rose                  410-841-3070

Delegate Haven Shoemaker     410-841-3359

District 9A

Delegate Warren Miller              410-841-3582

Delegate Trent Kittleman           410-841-3556

Ask these Maryland State Senators representing Carroll County, to support SB 594, the Registration and Voting at Precinct Polling place Act ; and SB 938, the Secure Accessibility Registration Act.

Senator Michael Hough, District 4    410-841-3704

Senator Justin Ready, District 5       410-841-3683

Senator Gail Bates, District 9           410-841-3671

The complete list of all Maryland Legislators is found here:

2) To email your Delegates and Senators.  Use this ACLU link:

BACKGROUND    Voting is one of our most fundamental rights and important responsibilities as citizens.  Across the country some legislative bodies are undermining voters rights.  However, in Maryland several legislators are working to expand voter rights so that everyone has fair and secure access to voting.

The Secure and Accessible Registration Act (HB 152/SB 938) will automatically register eligible voters or update their existing registration, when they interact with certain state agencies.  This will be automatic unless the person declines this service.

The Election Day Registration (HB 532/SB 594) will allow citizens to register to vote and cast their ballot on election day.  Currently this is prohibited under Maryland State Law.

“Voting is the hallmark of any democracy. And while it's each of our responsibility to make our voices heard, it is our government's responsibility to ensure we can exercise this fundamental right.  Making it as simple as possible, needs to be the goal of every legislator, so that every eligible Marylander can vote.”——— from the ACLU


Secure and Accessible Registration Act:

HB 152.

SB 1048.

Registration and Voting at Precinct Polling Place Act

HB 532

SB 594

This CTA was suggested by a member of Carroll CAN, and information was provided in part by the ACLU.