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Action-A-Day, Tuesday 1/23/18. Pass A Clean Dream Act and Pass A Clean Budget


CALL TO ACTION Call your Senators:  We need a clean Dream Act Now!

BACKGROUND After a three day avoidable-and-politically-motivated-government shut down, the Senate has agreed on a path forward for a legislative fix for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Sometimes called Dreamers, for the Obama Era Act Protecting them).  This agreement was forged after negotiations for nearly an identical deal between the White House, The GOP majority and democrats failed.  It is widely believed that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has now promised to work to pass a DREAMER bill by early February finally bringing it to the Senate for discussion and vote.  

In September 2017, Trump rescinded the existing DACA, threatening more than 800,000 (undocumented but registered) young people with deportation. His declaration gave Congress until March 2018 to pass a legislative fix, or else those currently protected will face rapid deportation. The most robust legislative fix is the Dream Act.  It is a  bipartisan bill originally drafted in 2001.  It not only provides protection for work permits and education to roughly 1.7 Million undocumented immigrants, but is also a path forward to legal citizenship for these young, successful, in all other ways American people.

Trump and the GOP continue to hold these young people hostage as pawns for other immigration policies including his costly, suspect and unfair immigration bans, walls, actions against asylum-seekers and withholding of federal funds from ‘sanctuary cities’ around the country. These political demands must be challenged. Congress, The House and Senate must stand up and say enough: It's time to protect the vulnerable, law-abiding, voluntarily listed, young and productive people in our country.

In addition, complicating this issue, to date, the Senate has failed to pass a budget. Instead they work regularly on “patches” known as continuing resolutions.(CR)  The use of these continuing resolutions allows the president and the majority Republican Party to play politics and withhold useful policy from the American people. This is how DACA has been held up.  It was intertwined with the budget rather than as a stand alone immigration law.  This behavior further puts many American Citizens through completely unnecessary stress, because they are constantly living with the threat that they won't be paid.  It needs to stop now.


1). Call your Senators today. Ask them to pass a “clean dream act”….. A stand alone proposal not tied to this budget cycle.  Tell them to protect good faith DACA recipients immediately.  And ask them to be responsible and pass a balanced budget.

Sample Script:   Senator __________________. Please support law abiding young people who in every other way are Americans.  Allow them the opportunity to be educated, productive members of society.  And remove their fear of deportation to a country they do not know.  Protect Dreamers Now!  Also do not vote to intwine this necessary law with the budget.  Pass a clean, balanced budget separately.

Senator Chris Van Hollen.  202-224-4654

Senator Benjamin Cardin.   202-224-4524


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Information for this CTA was taken from Five Calls, Indivisible and several news sources, including CBS & CNN