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ACTION: Complete the ACLU’S online form to ask your Congressional representatives to protect America’s Dreamers through DACA.


SAMPLE SCRIPT FOR PHONE CALLS TO CONGRESS (Taken from the ACLU form): I urge Rep/Senator __________ to sponsor and pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017. These young people came to the U.S. as children. America is their only home. Every one of them risks losing their work authorization and being deported. And our country will lose their talents and skills.

BACKGROUND INFO: The Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (aka DACA) is a policy enacted by the Obama administration in 2012. The policy applies to children who arrived in the US illegally when they were 16 years or younger. DACA allows these folks to have deportation delayed for 2 years and to obtain employment authorization during that time. The DACA certification has been renewable and can be reapplied for every 2 years. Research has shown that DACA has greatly reduced the number of immigrant households living in poverty in the US and has added to the American workforce and has raised enrollment in America’s institutions of higher learning.

#45 has declared that he is ending DACA and since it was never passed as law, only implemented as policy, he has the power to do so. Effective earlier this week deadlines were set for the final DACA renewals. DACA is now in the hands of Congress. Congress has the power to save DACA by passing it into law.