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Action-A-Day for 9/27: Urge Senators To Renew Funding for CHIP To Ensure Children’s Health

Thanks to all who spoke out against Graham-Cassidy to defeat Obamacare repeal in the Senate. Now, with just days before funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is set to expire, we must call on Congress to renew CHIP funding immediately.

The House overwhelmingly passed an extension of CHIP funding. The Senate must take urgent action to stabilize CHIP funding and protect gains in children's health coverage. #ExtendCHIP #KeepKidsCovered

CHIP was created by Congress in 1997 for uninsured children in moderate- to low-income working families who are not eligible for Medicaid. When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, they extended CHIP through 2019. Federal funding for the program, however, is set to end on 9/30/17. Unless Congress acts, states will run out of CHIP funds in just a few months.

Failure to extend CHIP funding would likely result in coverage losses for children and increased financial pressure for states.

CHIP is an important complement to Medicaid. Together, CHIP and Medicaid have reduced the numbers of uninsured children by 68% over 20 years. Nearly 9 million children and pregnant women are covered by CHIP.

States face critical decisions about their CHIP programs if Congress fails to promptly extend funding. Some states have statutes directing officials to freeze enrollment or shut down programs if federal funding is reduced.

The Senate must move quickly to pass the bipartisan Keeping Kids’ Insurance Dependable and Secure Act (S. 1827 or the KIDS Act of 2017) to enact a five-year extension of CHIP funding.

1. Urge Senators Cardin & Van Hollen to support S. 1827 & push for its immediate passage.
Senator Ben Cardin

Senator Chris Van Hollen      

2. Ask family/friends with Republican senators to contact them to urge renewal of CHIP funding.

3. Tag senators on Twitter to ask them to renew CHIP.  
Using hashtags increases the visibility of posts:  #ExtendCHIP#KeepKidsCovered
Find senator’s Twitter profiles on their Senate pages:

Clock ticking down on children’s health funding

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Image Credit:  Childrens Defense Fund