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Action-A-Day Tuesday, 9/26/17 National Call to Action: Protecting Healthcare— Again


1). Make phone calls to Swing-Vote Senators.  Give your support to help them make the right choices for all Americans:

Ted Cruz.            202-224-5922

Mike Lee.            202-224-5444

Lisa Murkowski202-224-6665

Susan Collins.    202-224-2523

John McCain.     202-224-2235

Rand Paul.          202-224-4343


Script:   Dear Senator:__________________, You will be asked to vote on the Cassidy/Graham Healthcare Bill later this week.  Once again I implore you to stand up for every American and say NO.  Important legislation which affects everyone must be given full vetting.  A quick fix amendment to bad ideas is not the way for Government to make policy or law.  Protect ALL Americans . Say No to the Cassidy/Graham Bill. It is another attempt to subvert what is good for this country. 

2).  Send this Call to Action to all of your rapid response teams, your Facebook pages, friends and family in other vulnerable states.

3). Email your Healthcare concerns, stories, family crisis to:

4). Support John McCain’s efforts to vote NO on principle and substance

5). Review the Call to Action on this site from 9/20/17

6) Ask these pertinent questions:

—If the bill was ready for a vote why was it changed at the last minute?

—Why didn't Republican Senators hold out and get more, write a better bill for us?

—How can you commit to this new version when the CBO won't have time to revise its score?

—Why can't there be more hearings and amendments?

— Why are Senate Republicans locking out and shutting down the democratic process in favor of “winning” instead of doing what is needed no what is right?

CALL TO ACTION :  There are lots of ways you can make a difference: But mostly contact key Senators in Vulnerable States and let them know they are needed to hold the line for ALL Americans.  Ask the Senate to vote NO to Cassidy/Graham.  

BACKGROUND:  For years republican law makers have been challenging the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It has so far withstood legal challenges, Supreme Court Tests, and legislative repeal.  Most people will agree that this signature health safety act does not fully do all that is needed for at risk people.  But repealing it or replacing it with a lesser bill absolutely is NOT an option.

On multiple occasions now, the 115th Congress and Senate has tried to subvert the will of the people by using brutish tactics to push through harmful agendas.  The people keep saying No.  Theso called “SkinnyRepeal” from July almost passed.  It failed by only one vote.  Healthcare protection is again on the chopping block.  Please make calls.  Do your part to protect each of us.  Today, tomorrow and the rest of this week, you are requested to help hold this line one more time.