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Action-A-Day 9/20: Save Obamacare from Repeal, Again.

After repeated failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, Senate Republicans are trying again. The latest TrumpCare bill (“Graham-Cassidy”) would destroy Medicaid, hurt those with pre-existing conditions, attack women’s health & more. The bill has gained momentum this week and now appears likely to come to a Senate vote in the coming days.

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If the Senate does not vote by the end of next week, repealing the Affordable Care Act would require 60 votes, not a simple majority. This gives Senate Republicans a huge incentive to ram repeal through before 9/30.

McCain helped sink repeal in July, but his vote can’t be taken for granted. He said he’d follow his governor’s lead and this week AZ Governor Ducey announced his support of Graham-Cassidy.  “…(T)he last-ditch repeal pitch received a jolt of energy on Monday when Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, a Republican, strongly endorsed it, putting pressure on Mr. McCain, who already faced the prospect of having to vote against his best friend in the Senate, Mr. Graham. Mr. Ducey had been a skeptic of earlier bills to repeal and replace the health law.” (NYT, 9/18/17)

Senators Cardin & Van Hollen have consistently voted against ACA repeal. You can call to thank them & ask for their continued support to resist TrumpCare in any way they can.

Right now, the most critical action is to influence persuadable Republicans in red states who may be on the fence.  Indivisible is bringing back its blue state / red state calling tool from the July healthcare fight.

1. Sign up to make calls to kill TrumpCare.

Indivisible’s peer-to-peer call tool allows you to reach out to progressive allies in key states to urge them to call their Senators. You’re calling folks who attended the Women’s March and/or fight for progressive causes. In July, volunteers made 100,000 calls to constituents in targeted states in two days before the last repeal vote. It worked then and it can work now, too.

2. Fund constituent calls to stop TrumpCare.
Donate to help fund the calling tool. A $26 donation funds 40 five-minute calls.

3.  Don’t let those who are most vulnerable be forgotten in the debate. If Obamacare is repealed, children with complex medical needs stand to lose the health care they depend on.  

Little Lobbyists has collected the stories of these children. Share their stories and tag a Republican Senator.

4. Share resources about how Graham-Cassidy would harm citizens in key states: Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona, Alaska, Maine, West Virginia.

TrumpCare By Another Name: “Graham-Cassidy” (Indivisible)

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Information in this CTA has been adapted from Indivisible.