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Action-A-Day 8/8/17: Butterflies, Border Walls, And Private Property Rights

CALL TO ACTION:  Stop the Border Wall Destruction of Private Property and Wildlife Sanctuaries.  Demand Due Process and reasonable, workable border security.



1). Engage your Rapid Response teams to bring a halt to the destruction of Private Property without Due Process.  Sign and share this petition:  

Don't Waste Billions On Border Walls:  Sierra Club Petition


2) Make Calls to the Attorney General and Governor Of Texas to Halt Unconstitutional Destruction of Private Land and Wildlife Sanctuaries 


——— Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas (800) 252-8011

——— Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas. (512) 463-1782or (800) 843-5789


Sample Script:  ( Governor/ Mr. Attorney General:   In the name of protecting personal property rights and saving hundreds of miles and acres of private refuge land, please halt the unlawful destruction at the National Butterfly Center in Mission Texas.  And protect the bird sanctuary at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.  These are natural Texas and National treasures which need your protection from illegal, Federal Seizures.  Furthermore, help engage a dialogue on the national level for less-costly border protections.


3).  Call Congress to Limit Funding on the Border Wall plans. Demand reasonable and workable border security.

Sample Script:  Senator/ Congressman:  Please do not fund the unproven, limitless, Border Wall.  Please engage in dialogue for reasonable Border Security without the needless, wasteful costs of the “Border Wall”. Americans need bridges, roads, clean water and air far more.  Please invest in the infrastructure Not the Fear!


Senator Ben Cardin            202-224-4524


Senator Chris VanHollen        202-224-4654


Representative Jamie Raskin        202-225-5341


Representative Andy Harris        202-225-5311




Holding the Attorney General of Texas accountable to his past statements and actions:  


“I want people to be treated fairly, so they shouldn't just have their land taken from them,";  "They need to be compensated fairly."


"Washington, D.C. needs to hear loud and clear that Texas will not stand for the federal government's infringement upon Texas land and the property rights of the people who live here," 

—————————Two quotes from Ken Paxton, TX Attorney General fromThe Dallas Morning News


The Attorney General of Texas is acting in a hypocritical manner in regards to due process and the equal protections of Texans’ property rights.  He is claiming that “now a Republican is in office, we can make better use of time than waging these fights against Washington”.  On the ground however, the reality is that last week, federal workers illegally began the destruction of miles of protected land on the privately owned National Butterfly Center in Mission, TX.  Additionally, the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, which is a treasure for birdwatching and a “crown jewel” in the federal refuge system, is also at risk.  While it's true that 1500 miles away, the Department of Homeland Security received a waiver to reinforce border fences and wall portions near San Diego, these other disruptive and destructive actions are unprecedented and illegally moving forward.  There has been no compensation or notification to private property owners.  This is all in preparation for building a wall between the US and Mexico which isn't yet funded.  Much of this land is the wildlife preserve for multiple species of butterflies including the migratory Monarchs.  These essential pollinators not only seek refuge and respite on this land, but they are the crowning glory for thousands of visitors annually.  Many who study and observe the life and contributions of butterflies to the natural world, travel here without harming a single, lovely specimen.  These creatures live to bring beauty and life to the natural order. Human-kind needs them.


Destroying land and nature for an unknown, unproven outcome, is wasteful.  With the illegal destruction of land, there will possibly be much greater costs to taxpayers for compensation through eminent domain.  This is both unwise and unnecessary.  Congress needs to step in and say “No” to funding this wall.  They must find better ways to protect our Border Security concerns .  The people need to work together to protect our wild resources;  and The State of Texas must protect Individual Private Property from unlawful seizure.



Contact Texas AG office


Contact Texas Governors Office


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