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Action-A-Day 8/31: Demand FAIR Tax Reform

ACTION: Call BOTH of your Senators to Demand FAIR Tax Reform

SAMPLE SCRIPT: Hello, my name is _____ from (zip code). I am calling because I am opposed to any tax plans that cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans on the backs of lower and middle class families by way of reducing funding for social programs. I expect Senator (name) to work towards a tax reform plan that is fair and just. Thank you for your time.

SENATOR CARDIN 202-224-4524

BACKGROUND INFO:  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, #45 has been busy promoting his plan for tax “reform”. Not surprisingly, this plan will put an even larger financial burden middle and working classes.

Since this proposal is not favored by DEMs, GOP members of Congress are planning to use the plan to use the budget reconciliation. This process means that the bill is not allowed to add to the federal deficit. The only way to do that is to reduce spending on programs that benefit lower and middle class Americans, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

The proposed GOP plan would cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% and eliminate the alternative minimum tax (AMT). These changes that would greatly benefit already wealthy Americans.  A prime example being that without the AMT, 45’s 2005 tax rate would have been a mere 3.5%.