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Action-A-Day 8/24: Hear Us, Hogan! Demand that the Governor Hold Town Halls To Hear Citizen Concerns

Hear Us, Hogan! Demand that the Governor Hold Town Halls To Hear Citizen Concerns

#HoganHearUs #HoganHides

Since February, Governor Larry Hogan has repeatedly refused requests to hold town halls where ordinary citizens could share their concerns about healthcare, jobs, the environment & more.  Even as he shuts out the citizens he was elected to represent, he makes time for donors attending exclusive campaign fundraisers.

It's obvious that Hogan doesn't want to give citizens the chance to question his failure to stand up to Trump. When Trump proposed slashing the federal workforce and eliminating Chesapeake Bay cleanup -- cuts that threaten Maryland jobs and families -- Governor Hogan was silent.

When frustrated citizens turned to Hogan's public Facebook page to try to communicate with him, he blocked individuals who criticized his policies. The ACLU has sued Hogan over deletion of Facebook comments.

In July, Hogan headlined a fundraiser for Scott Wagner, a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor who denies climate change, opposes reproductive rights for women, and wants to gut the Affordable Care Act.

"Like a typical politician, Governor Hogan claims to be a moderate but he secretly supports his ultra-conservative friends who have nothing in common with Maryland values," Kathleen Matthews, Maryland Democratic Party chair, said in response to Hogan's fundraising for Wagner.

Let Hogan know that you expect him to work for all Maryland citizens, not just big donors. 

1.  Sign the petition from Hear Us, Hogan!

2. Contact Governor Hogan's office  
Call 410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336
Email a comment:

3. Attend the Hear Us, Hogan:  People's Speak-Out next Tuesday, or share event details with friends who may be able to attend. The Speak-Out will be a peaceful demonstration outside the Associated Builders & Contractors fundraiser for Hogan.

Tuesday, August 29, 5-8 pm
Sidewalk outside Homestead Gardens
743 W. Central Avenue
Davidsonville, MD 21035

Hogan to speak at fundraiser for conservative Pa. candidate
The Baltimore Sun, 7/24/17

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