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Action-A-Day 8/22 Take Action to Protect Dreamers

Tell Governor Hogan to Support DACA and Stand with Immigrant Youth

Background: Right now, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is under an immediate, existential threat. In spite of President Trump’s prior statements that he would protect Dreamers, he could terminate DACA in the 3 weeks (as early as September 5), turning our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are valued members of our communities. Ten states threatened to sue the President if he did not terminate the DACA program by September 5th. The consequences of repealing DACA would be severe and profound. Terminating DACA would put the nearly 800,000 dreamers whom the program allows to work and live legally in the United States at immediate risk of deportation.

Like with many issues President Trump is being cruelly theatrical putting out “wait and see” signals.

DACA has allowed young people to pursue their dreams, live without fear of deportation in the country they call home, and invest in their future and in the future of our country. Ending DACA would be morally reprehensible, denying hundreds of thousands of young people the chance to pursue their dreams. Our immigrant brothers and sisters deserve dignity, welcome, and the opportunity to flourish. We need Governor Hogan to feel our pressure to lend his voice to protect Maryland dreamers by urging the administration to keep the DACA program intact.

Phone: 410-974-3901

Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [City, State]. I stand in solidarity with undocumented youth, support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and strongly oppose any attempt to end it. DACA has provided the opportunity for nearly 800,000 young people to pursue their dreams. The fact that the administration is considering ending DACA is morally reprehensible, runs counter to who we are as a nation, and does not reflect the welcome for immigrants I see every day in my community. I urge you to do everything in your power to urge the administration to keep the DACA program intact.”

Please also share a personal story about how immigrants benefit and are welcomed into your community. Click here for additional resources on the economic impact of the DACA program.

You can email the Governor using this form:

You can also tweet Governor Hogan: “.@LarryHogan, my community stands with immigrants! Support DACA and reject discrimination! @realDonaldTrump #saveDACA”

You can leave a facebook post here: (assuming he doesn’t remove it ;-)


Please click here for a DACA toolkit and click here for more resources.

(Text for this CTA sourced from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition)