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Action-A-Day 8/17: Tell Congress that Bannon, Gorka and Miller Must Go

Tell Congress: Bannon, Gorka and Miller Must Go
Trump aides Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller empowered the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who terrorized the streets of Charlottesville.

White supremacy has no place in the White House, and our Members of Congress must not remain silent. Call on your Member of Congress to demand the immediate removal of all White House staff who espouse white nationalism in words and policy.

Bannon, Gorka & Miller cannot be allowed to remain in positions of power, driving a resurgence of white nationalism in America.

We must always take sides.
— Elie Wiesel

What happened in Charlottesville was the inevitable result of Trump’s Administration and agenda. By fomenting hatred against — and scapegoating — people of color, Muslims, immigrants, women, the poor, and Jews, Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller empowered the white supremacist alt-right who took over the streets of Charlottesville with torches, guns, and pipes, chanting anti-Jewish hatred, beating people of color, and killing Heather Heyer.

These three men, all members of President Trump’s inner circle, have championed the anti-Semitic, racist, neo-Nazi movement that chanted “Jews will not replace us,” gave the Nazi salute, and stoked the deadly violence in Charlottesville this past weekend.

1. Contact your Member of Congress
Senator Ben Cardin

Senator Chris Van Hollen

Representative Jamie Raskin

Representative Andy Harris

2. Add your name to Stand Up America's petition and your signature will be hand-delivered to Congress:

SAMPLE SCRIPT (Reword in your own words) 
Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [YOUR TOWN]. I urge [NAME OF MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to call on the White House to fire all members of the President's top circle who are closely tied to the white nationalist neo-Nazi movement responsible for the terror in Charlottesville — including Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller. Thank you for all your hard work answering the phones."

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied.]

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4. The Hill, Sebastian Gorka casts himself as Trump’s ‘pitbull’ 
5. The Forward, Sebastian Gorka’s Ties To Nazi-Allied Group Stretch Back Decades
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This CTA was adapted from material from Stand Up America, Bend The Arc Jewish Action & Credo Action.