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Action-A-Day Tuesday 8/15/17: Moderates in the Middle, Your Time is Now! Stand up for justice and democracy.

CALL TO ACTION:  Take an open and overt stand to say no to violence and hatred and the subtle ways we each allow it to creep into our lives and discourse.

QUOTES to Remember:  

“You’re not a supremacist, you’re not a nationalist, and you’re not alt-Right. This is racism.  This is domestic terrorism.  This is religious extremism.  This is bigotry.  It is blind hatred of the most vile kind.  It doesn’t represent America.  It doesn’t speak for the majority of white Americans.  It’s a cancerous, terrible, putrid sickness that represents the absolute worst of who we are. No, naming it won’t change it, but naming it is necessary nonetheless. It’s necessary for us to say it—especially when the media won’t, when our elected leaders won’t, when our President won’t. It’s necessary to condemn it so that we do not become complicit in it.  This is our national History being forged in real-time, and to use words lacking clarity now would be to risk allowing the ugliness off the hook or to create ambiguity that excuses it. And yes, there are all sorts of other ways that racism and privilege live and thrive; ways that are far less obvious or brazen than tiki-torch wielding marches. There are systemic illnesses and structural defects and national blind spots that we need to speak to and keeping pushing back against, and we will. But in moments that are this clear, when the malignancy is so fully on display—we’d better have the guts to say it.”—— from Jon Pavolitz 8/12/17

“We need to fight speech that threatens our nation’s democratic values with speech that upholds them; … It’s an obligation that university officials have and one that everyone in public life, starting with the president, has as well.” ——— Richard Cohen, President SPLC

“Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,”  ——— Donald Trump, 8/14/17

To Do Now:  

Understand that racism may be subtle or overt; And it takes many forms.  Find a way to make yourself and others more aware of prejudices and make changes starting today in your interaction with people.  Learn about the racism that occurs where you live and do something about it by participating in and supporting anti-racist community events, protests, rallies, and educational programs. 

For example, you could:

        - Support voter registration and polling in neighborhoods where people of color live,( because they have historically been marginalized from the political process)

        - Donate time and/or money to community organizations that serve youth of color

        - Mentor white kids on being anti-racist citizens who stand up for justice

        - Support post-prison programs, (because the inflated incarceration rates of black and brown people further their long-term economic and political disenfranchisement)

        - Support community organizations that serve those bearing the mental, physical, and economic costs of   racism( for example, the NAACP, The SPLC, the ACLU)

        - Communicate with your local and state government officials, sheriff’ s department, and institutions about how they can help end racism in the communities they represent.


1). Learn how to be an Actor, an Ally and an Accomplice:  Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice:

2). Read and follow this Guide from SPLC. Ten Ways to Fight Hate:

3)  Use this guide to take actions:

4). Learn and use these 10 simples ideas to eliminate racism:

5). Support Life After Hate, to help people leave violent, radicalized hate groups.

6). Read and choose these 9 ways to combat Racism: Thought Co, Niki Lisa Cole, PhD. 3/0/17


7). Five Tips for Being an Ally:


How Allies learn to Apologize video:

BACKGROUND:    This past weekend saw incredible violence, death and destruction. In The USA.  In 2017.  National frustrations and fears have been co-opted into a dark place masquerading as pride and as defense of a return to policies of days gone by.   Our political, civic, educational andbusiness leaders have let everyone down.  In a time where technology, economics and weaponry are amassed and used without regard to consequence, people are reacting.  Since way before the civil war, people have been pitted against one another. Artificial barriers of race, skin color, religion, wealth and other ideologies are used to foment fear and loathing for the other guy and to try to separate us as human beings, while elevating some groups over others.  And the time to stop it is now!  We each can do something about it.  On a person by person basis, you can stand out, stand up and together we can stem the tide of the Hateful invasion of our democracy.  To start we bring racism to a stand still.



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