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Action-A-Day 8/10: Write a letter to the editor

It's recess time for Congress, but this is not a break for the resistance. It's time to put pen to paper (or more likely fingers to the keyboard) and submit Op Eds to your local newspaper. We are not alone in the resistance and even the most devout #45 supporters are starting to waiver. Are you passionate about a particular issue, piece of legislation or other hot button issue? Use that passion to spread that passion and knowledge with your community.

ACTION: Draft a Letter to the Editor about an issue you are passionate about and email it to the Carroll County Times Subject: LETTER TO THE EDITOR SUBMISSION. You may also submit your letter online via

BACKGROUND INFO: Letters to the editor are a fantastic platform for spreading your message to a vast audience. With newspapers publishing works in both print and online, news travels fast. Letters should be brief (400 words or less), concise and relevant to current events.The following is a link to a fantastic guide to writing letters to the editor. Possible topics: immigration, lgbtq rights, reproductive rights, equality, climate change, healthcare, transparency.....or anything else that has you fired up and speaking out!

Also, consider taking an upcoming seminar in DC by The Op Ed Project.

Want to get started but are unsure how? Check out the links below for some fabulous guides to writing op-eds!