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Action-A-Day 7/6: Thank You (Frosh) Thursday

ACTION: Send Maryland's Attorney General Brian Frosh a THANK YOU email or postcard to show appreciation for protecting Maryland's voter data. Please also complete the State Board of Elections' feedback form to express your gratitude for their quick reponse and collaboration with AG Frosh.

Attorney General Brian Frosh
200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202

SAMPLE SCRIPT: Thank you for saying NO to violating State Law and for protecting Maryland's voter data.

BACKGROUND: On July 3, 2017 Maryland's Attorney General Brian Frosh issued a press release in regards to the request from the federal commission on voter fraud. The request was asking for voter names, dates of birth, partial social security numbers, voting history and political party. In a letter to the commission AG Frosh wrote, "To date, there are no cases in which it has been determined that an individual who cast a vote in the federal elections held in November 2016 was legally prohibited from doing so...,” Frosh wrote. “With only two instances of confirmed voter fraud from the total voter turnout of 2,734,176 in the 2012 Presidential General Election, we can safely say that there is no evidence of coordinated or systematic voter fraud in Maryland".

While many are thankful that the request was quashed, there has certainly been backlash from th administration's top supporters. MD-1's Representative Andy Harris has suggested that the administration withhold federal funds from states who do not cooperate with the request. Nonetheless, AG Frosh


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