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Action-A-Day 7/4/17. What is Patriotism?


What is Patriotism?  How will I practice Patriotism and preserve my country’s ideals?

BACKGROUND:  Patriotism is not easily explained.  Every year in fact, Veterans groups offer writing contests to school children to get them to think about and understand this concept. It implies so many things and is at the crux of what it means to participate as a citizen in this thing we call democracy.  Simply put, Patriotism is an extension of politics, policy, identity and emotion.  The American Revolution was undertaken because a unique sense of identity had formed.  This became a Patriotic distinction which included economics and a basic philosophy of how people can or should rule themselves. 

For many people today,  Patriotism means following the leader, the authority who tells us what to do.  For many others, it is more about the freedoms to do and think independently within a framework of law and order. To be loyal as long as that loyalty serves the purpose of the common good.  For still others it means pushing the boundaries wherever they exist, to include a bigger, grander possibility for everyone.  And for some, it is simply Love of country or acts of devotion to the welfare of one's compatriots and to the virtues and actions which support them.  It is the passion which inspires one to serve one's country.

In the United States, our common thread of belief states that “All men are created equal” and that all of us have “unalienable rights” to live freely.  Today we clarify that further to say, “All persons are created equal”……. And yes, in 2017 this is still a battle ground; since we are living through a period where women, many races and those new to our shores, are straining to be encompassed by these inalienable rights.

Writer Michael Cade Hughes said: “Government must be committed and bound to protecting the peace and preserving our individual liberties, and doing so through the informed consent of the people. It’s the inalienable right of a free people to rid themselves of a government that becomes destructive of those liberties, just as our Founders did in a supreme act of courage and defiance more than two hundred years ago. And when these liberties are in danger — dissent is inevitable. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”, and I believe that to be true.”

So what do you think?  How will you participate in the pursuit of loyalty that serves our nation and ALL of our interests?  How will you dissent and be a Patriot of this nation

CALL TO ACTION:  Understand Patriotism:  decide to commit to acts which preserve the welfare of thedemocracy and live the spirit of the Declaration of Independence:  Join the Resistance.

To Do Today:

1).  Read the Declaration of Independence


2).  Take Action, Be a Patriot and Defend your country from the forces of destruction coming from within.  Choose to take action and pursue ideals from the following:

Protect Healthcare for All, call Senators to stop AHCA

Go to CarrollCAN.Org and review the Call to Action Archives for the week of 6/27/17- 6/31/17, phone numbers and scripts are available there.

Protect the Environment….. pick up trash in your neighborhood 

Support the National Parks…… plan a visit or make a donation

Support the Chesapeake Bay…….Call your Congress-people, tell them ‘keep funding for the bay in the budget OR go to the website and learn how to do even more:

Support Voters Rights…… Call Governor Hogan, tell him Do Not Give personal data to Kris Kobach OR educate yourself about Marylands State Board of Elections.

Support the Free Press……. Subscribe to a newspaper.

Support Impeachment of #45 Representative Jamie Raskin introduced a bill to congress in April…….. He is NOT fit for office; he is NOT upholding the values of the office;  He is legally being investigated, not merely accused in the court of political opinion, of Obstruction of Justice, Intention to destroy Democracy in America, Nepotism, Collusion with the Enemy, encouraging violence against anyone in opposition to him.

Support the Independent Counsel’s investigation of Russia’s disruption of our elections

Volunteer to work for your elections board, OR Begin reading about candidates for local office;  Find or become a candidate for local office.

Call and thank Maryland State’s Attorney, Brian Frosh for bring suit to hold #45 accountable to the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Stand up for the inalienable rights of all people Say No to Misuse of power in detaining and purging this country of immigrants and refugees.