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ACTION-A-DAY 7/26: Help Defeat Trumpcare: How Blue State Residents Can Take Action

You've called Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, and they're holding the line on opposing TrumpCare. You've reached out to friends and family outside Maryland -- especially those in key states whereRepublican Senators are most vulnerable to electoral challenge. You've been battling TrumpCare for months, and now a Senate vote on a motion to proceed with repeal of the Affordable Care Act has put the health care of millions of Americans in peril yet again.

What more can Marylanders and other blue state residents do? Indivisible now has a game changing new call tool that lets you lend a hand to defeat TrumpCare, no matter where you live.  Let’s show Congress that as long as they try to take away our health care, we’re not giving up.

From Indivisible:  "Say it with us: this is not over. We lost a procedural vote (yesterday) that puts Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that much closer to the finish line. But he still has a huge lift on his hands: convince 50 Senators to vote for a complete dumpster fire of a bill—a bill that will cause 22-32 million people to lose their insurance, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, and a bill that at least 10 senators are on record as opposing in some previous iteration."

1.  Reach out to progressive allies in key states

With Indivisible's new call tool, you can make calls to help pressure key senators in Nevada and West Virginia.

Here's how it works:

  • You call a voter in a key state with a swing Republican. First, you’ll make calls to the folks in target states. These folks are your friends—they attended the Women’s March and/or fight for progressive causes.
  • You explain how they have power now. You’ll remind them why the continued fight against TrumpCare is so important—and why they have particular power in this moment.
  • You ask them to use their power. Then, you’ll ask them to call their Senator in opposition to the bill, and to share their own reasons for opposing it.
  • The tool connects them to their Senator’s office. The call tool will allow you to automatically patch them through to the Senators’ district offices.

Sign up now to make Calls to Kill TrumpCare.

2.  If you can't make calls, consider donating to help cover costs of the call tool. Indivisible is covering the costs of these calls. They are trying to raise $20,000 to fund thousands of calls targeted in two key states: Nevada and West Virginia, where the most persuadable Senate Republicans are. A donation of just $26 will fund 40 five-minute calls.

3.  Attend an "Our Lives Are On The Line" rally this Saturday, July 29
Indivisible is partnering with other progressive organizations to hold events this Saturday in Washington, DC and across the country where folks will share their personal health care stories.
Washington, D.C.
Annapolis, MD
Martinsburg, WV
Find an event elsewhere:


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This Call To Action has been adapted from materials from Indivisible.