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Action-A-Day 7/25/17: Protecting our Human Rights and Saving the Democracy from More, Big, Dark Money:

OFFICIAL CALL TO ACTION, #NationalCallToAction, 7/25/17

CALL TO ACTION: Trump and GOP members of Congress are attempting to skirt the law by changing its enforcement through the budget.  At this time our Constitutionally protected Separation of Church and State (freedoms for Religion and protections by government institutions), is again at great risk.  Please call your members in the house, and tell them the House Financial Appropriations Committee got it wrong!    Tell them a BOLD NO to the appropriations amendment in the spending bill.

Also Call your Congressional members and ask them to SUPPORT the ‘Do No Harm Bill.’  This bill provides important protections for the exercise of religious freedoms, while protecting others from the harm of using religious beliefs to HARM and Hinder others.

BACKGROUND:  The GOP, supporting Trump’s Executive Actions, is attempting to pervert and distort freedom of speech (again).  Much like the Citizens United decision allowed money and donations to be misconstrued as ‘speech rights’; the conservative factions now want to use back door channels to funnel money through religious institutions to candidates for office.  They introduced a provision in the Financial Appropriations Bill making the Johnson Amendment un-enforceable.  (The Johnson Amendment disallows tax exempt entities ——including religious ones——- from political activity—especially the financial support of candidates for political offices) .  By using the budget to skirt the law, this is a deceptive, illegal practice attempting to be codified as law.   This budget amendment, precluding the IRS from doing their job, MUST BE HALTED.

Also, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) was born of good intentions.  With a sweeping and broad coalition of progressive and conservative support, RFRA was enacted to protect religious minorities.  However, in the past twenty plus years, it has been used, misconstrued, exploited and corrupted in ways that harm and deny people of their basic, human rights. (Remember then Governor Pence and the RFRA contortions in Indiana?  Wedding Plans and Wedding Cakes?  MarchMadness Basketball Tournaments? $60 Millionin lost State revenue?  And Kim Davis, in Kentucky, refusing to allow marriage licenses to same sexed couples, because of personal religious beliefs?)   The ‘Do No Harm Act’ restores RFRA to its original intent.  It allows “the law to be a shield of protection and NOT a sword used to harm”.



1). Call members of congress and tell them to VOTE NO on the Financial Appropriations Spending Bill which includes the provision to bar the IRS from enforcing the Johnson Amendment.  Also ask them to support the ‘Do No Harm Act’ to restore balance to RFRA and the separation of Church and State.

Find you State’s Congress Person Here:

For Carroll County, MD call:

Jamie Raskin 202-225-5341

*Andy Harris 202-225-5311. 

* Also note Andy Harris is on the House Appropriations Committee who voted for the Budget provision to circumvent the Johnson Amendment


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