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Action-A-Day 7/23  – Service Sunday    

Make a Difference with Education

Whether you want to support literacy for adults or school-readiness for young children, here are some great ways to volunteer or give to a good cause! You’ll also find resources to help you to guide someone you know who is in need.

Literacy Council of Carroll County, MD
The Literacy Council provides adults with one-on-one, free, confidential tutoring to develop or improve skills in speaking, reading, writing, math, English as a second language, and basic computer knowledge. Promoting adult literacy builds a strong community, encourages citizenship and increases employment opportunities. Their volunteer opportunities include tutoring and office work. Learn more here:

Basic Skills classes at Carroll Community College. Most classes are free or have reduced tuition. 

Adults can improve reading, writing, math and English language skills, earn a high school diploma, and learn about career and education opportunities. Family Literacy classes help both you and your child to improve reading, writing and math skills and get homework help.

Ready at Five

Learn more about Ready At Five an organization that elevates the discussion about, and works to improve the practice and quality of early childhood education in Maryland. There are opportunities to donate (, action ideas for businesses (, and many resources and programs for parents and educators, such as interactive Learning Parties (

Judy Center Partnership

The Judy Center Partnership of Carroll County is a program of Carroll County Public Schools, implemented through partnerships with various community organizations. Their goal is to increase school readiness by supporting parents --- a child’s first teachers, and families --- the foundation for a child's early success in school. Judy Center Services are available for Carroll County parents of birth through kindergarten. Find more information here, including a list of their partners and their contact information: Call to find out if there are ways you can help, perhaps by partnering with them.

Carroll County Head Start

Head Start provides a range of comprehensive education, health, nutrition, parent involvement, and family support services and has primarily served at-risk children and their families since 1965. The primary goal of Head Start is to promote the school readiness of low-income children by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Head Start Volunteer Opportunities:

Head StartWish List: