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Action-A-Day 7/18/17: Support Articles of Impeachment in the House

CALL TO ACTION:  Support the Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives!  “Life is political, not because the world cares about how you feel, but because the world reacts to what you do.” —————— Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny:  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

BACKGROUND:  “It is institutions that help us to preserve decency. They need our help as well. Do not speak of “our institutions” unless you make them yours by acting on their behalf.  Institutions do not protect themselves. They fall one after the other unless each is defended from the beginning.”

—————Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny:  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

“Our institution” of this Republic, the duly elected House of Representatives, needs your help now.  It is the view of at least two members of congress, Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Al Green (D-TX), that sufficient evidence exists that indicates Trump has committed acts of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  And so on July 12, 2017 based on months of research and investigations, they filed the first Articles of Impeachment against Trump with the Judiciary Committee.  These patriots cited the following as rationale for doing so: “Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.  Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by such conduct warrants impeachment and trial and removal from office."

Investigators from the House, the Senate, the FBI and other law enforcement offices have been searching for the truth of Russia’s intrusion in the United States’ free and democratic elections.  It is now widely accepted by every credible agency that such nefarious acts did occur.  The unknowns have been if anyone from Trump’s Circle had committed wrongdoing by assisting or colluding in these acts.  The involvement by Trump’s peopleis becoming more evident each day.  Trump, however, continues to deny and minimize any involvement in wrongdoing.  This false narrative is now finally unraveling.  And as the truth comes out, it is further understood by Reps Sherman and Green, that Trump committed acts of Obstruction of Justice in firing the Director of the FBI as a way to impede the investigations of himself and his people.  Now even members of the GOP and masses of Trump followers are beginning to recognize the folly of blindly following this man in his sustained suspension of reality and attempts to crash the republic.

TO DO:  It is time to call our government to task so that it does the work it must do:  Country over Party.  To save the democracy from further ruin, the Articles of Impeachment must be heard.  And the process of protecting the Constitution, The Rule of Law, and the Ethical and Moral High-Ground needs to advance.  Please encourage the members of the House Judiciary Committee to act on these charges and proceed to Impeachment.

1). Call your Congressman/woman (House of Representatives) and encourage them to take part in and support the process of Impeachment.  Find your representative’s contact info here:

Sample Script:   Congressman/Woman__________________ ; Please stop the rampant abuse of power, unconstitutional conduct, and continuing obstruction of justice by Donald J. Trump.  Support Reps., Brad Sherman and Al Green in the pursuit of justice for all Americans.  Please proceed to the Impeachment of Trump and the removal of his criminal advisors.  Stop the abuses of power and corruption of OUR democratic institutions.  Support House Resolution 438.

2). Call the Chair and Ranking Members of the Judiciary Committee (and additional members as you have time) and tell them to act on this serious charge and move Impeachment proceedings forward for a vote on the House floor.

Majority Members                 Minority Members

Bob Goodlatte, VA, Chair            John Conyers MI (ranking member)

      202-225-5431                      (202) 225-5126

Other members of the Judiciary Committee:

Jim Sensenbrenner, WI            Jerrold Nadler, NY

Lamar S. Smith, TX                Zoe Lofgren, CA

Steve Chabot, OH                Shelia Jackson Lee, TX

Darrell Issa, CA                Steve Cohen, TN

Steve King, IA                    Hank Johnson,GA

Trent Franks, AZ                Ted Deutch, FL

Louie Gohmert, TX                Luis Gutiérrez, IL

Jim Jordan, OH                Karen Bass, CA

Ted Poe, TX                    Cedric Richmond, LA

Tom Marino, PA                Hakeem Jeffries, NY

Trey Gowdy, SC                David Cicilline, RI

Raúl Labrador, ID                Eric Swalwell, CA

Blake Farenthold, TX                Ted Lieu, CA

Doug Collins, GA                Jamie Raskin, MD

Ron DeSantis, FL                 Pramila Jayapal, WA

Ken Buck, CO                    Brad Schneider, IL

John Ratcliffe, TX

Mike Bishop, MI

Martha Roby, AL

Matt Gaetz , FL

Mike Johnson, LA

Andy Biggs, AZ

Karen Handel, GA

3) Tweet your support of the Impeachment of Donald Trump on charges of Obstruction of Justice, 

to your Members of Congress. 

4) Contact your rapid response teams and ask them to also make calls as outlined above.


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