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Action-A-Day 7/16: Service Sunday 

Find a Volunteer Opportunity at Human Services Program (HSP)

HSP is our Community Action Agency, and they operate seventeen different programs to fight poverty locally here in Carroll County Maryland. They welcome volunteer assistance and offer many ways for you to make a positive impact right here in our community.

Which Volunteer Opportunity would make you the happiest?

  • Making scarecrows at Fall Fest
  • Holding a Fundraiser
  • Leading a Donation Drive
  • Working on your suntan in our Community Garden
  • Preparing taxes through our VITA site
  • Building a gingerbread house
  • Serving as an intern
  • Inviting shelter kids to your VBS or camp
  • Preparing food or being on a check-in team at our Cold Weather Shelter
  • Being a driver for shelter clients
  • Joining other Marylanders in the Day to Serve Campaign

You can volunteer as an individual, or with family or work colleagues. No matter what "makes your heart happy," HSP has an opportunity for you!

Explore the links below to find your perfect fit!

Day to Serve
Actually a month long initiative inviting Marylanders come together to improve our state through volunteerism (Sept. 11 - Oct. 19). HSP is participating through Fallfest. Learn more here:

Make Scarecrows
One of 4 Fallfest Community Partners, HSP needs volunteers to run the Make-A-Scarecrow Booth.  Volunteer Registration is now open for HSP at Fallfest! Click here: (be sure to select HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAMS OF CARROLL COUNTY as your non-profit partner.)

Community Garden
Work on your tan and provide nutritious vegetables to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food pantries. Learn More About the Garden here:

Bake To Help the Homeless
The Gingerbread Village Festival runs the week before Thanksgiving. Visitors vote on houses to raise money for Shelter Programs. Follow HSP on Facebook to stay updated on this year's event:

Internships Available!
HSP offers internships to high school, college, and postgraduate students. Schedule your interview to learn more, by emailing the Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Averett at

Hold a Donation Drive
HSP clients frequently struggle to provide the basics for themselves and their families. Needs change seasonally, so contact Stephanie Averett at to schedule a donation drive. 

Be a Finance Guru
HSP's VITA program completed 920 tax returns in 2017, and began offering more programs to help people save and manage their finances. They train volunteers! Get Information about VITA here:

Help Shelter Clients
Form a Cold Weather Team, provide transportation, collect sweatpants & socks for shelter clients, create a meditation garden at Safe Haven....your ideas are welcomed at HSP! Please email volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Averett at to learn more.

Host a Fundraiser
Hosting a fundraiser is perfect for groups! You can:

  • Sponsor an event
  • Sell crafts or food
  • Hold a talent show
  • Create your own unique idea....?

To schedule your event, contact  Matt Peregoy, Director of Marketing and Outreach at

(Text for this CTA sourced from HSP's website and recent email requesting volunteers.)