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Action-A-Day 7/13/17: Fight for Net Neutrality

ACTION: Write to the FCC using their online comment form and reference 17-108 Restoring Internet Freedom and also to your federal representatives by email or snail mail. If the FCC moves forward with the net neutrality repeal, it will be up to Congress to amend the law.

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Fight with your wallet. If you are using an ISP that does not support net neutrality, consider changing to one that does. We have at least 2 homegrown ISP's right here in the county (Quantum & Freedom Broadband). If you are looking to change ISP's, contact a local company to see if they support net neutrality.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: I strongly oppose Chairman Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections because a free and open internet is vital for our democracy, for our businesses, and for our daily lives. It would give giant internet companies the power to prioritize what we read, watch, and explore online. It's about my right to be heard and my right to hear others. I submit my public comment to oppose Chairman Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections.

BACKGROUND INFO: Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. In May 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (appointed by #45) lead a vote to repeal net neutrality rules, which will require another vote later this year. This repeal would give internet service providers the green light to charge extra fees for "fast lane service" or "full internet access". Wednesday was deemed "Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality" and individuals, companies and activists across the nation spoke out in support of saving net neutrality.....but the fight is far from over. Verge has posted links to public statements and press releases made by some of our nation's tech companies.

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