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Action -A-Day 7/11/17: NO to The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act of 2017, H.R. 2826

OFFICIAL CARROLL-CAN Call to Action, #NationalCalltoAction for 7/11/17

CALL TO ACTION:  Tell the House of Representatives NO to The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act of 2017, H.R. 2826, an unjust and harmful refugee and immigration bill.

BACKGROUND:   On June 28, 2017 while the country was anxiously awaiting the U.S. Senate’s decision to vote or not vote on the AHCA (Senate version of the Trump-No-Care Health Bill), ‘The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act of 2017’ was introduced on the house floor.  It was then sent to committee for mark-up.  It will be coming back for the second reading soon.  This bill significantly reduces the number of refugees admitted to the US by enforcing a hard cap number at 50,000 persons per year.  In2016 the cap was 85,000; In 2017 it is 110,000.  The current limits are based on capacity within the USA as well as global humanitarian need.  However, a hard cap number limits the United States’ ability to respond to global crisis and changing domestic circumstances. This legislation also decentralizes some immigration decisions and gives the Governors of the States the power to prevent resettlement of immigrants.  It requires excessive and prohibitive screening AND surveillance of refugees.  And it increases the time refugees must remain in the country before they are allowed to request permanent residence. It also puts the decision to change the cap number into the hands of the President, at anytime with no clear justification for changing these numbers.


The GOP mantra that this bill will address terrorist threats or economic burdens cannot be substantiated.  This bill runs counter to American values of freedom and personal responsibility.  It ignores our core tenants of helping and aiding the most needy, vulnerable and persecuted among us.  Furthermore, the CATO institute, a Libertarian based group, has data which states that refugees pose less terrorist threat than do native born Americans.   Furthermore, their data suggests that resettled refugees have contributed a wealth of net positive fiscal impacts in the communities where they relocate.

As the country awaits a Supreme Court decision on the Trump Travel Bans, don't let the United States codify the worst of our humanity.  Don't let us become the most selfish and ruthless giant.  Help us regain our moral truths and values.  Let us be compassionate, caring global leaders who create Just Laws and decent international policy.


  1. Call your Congressional representative.  Remind them to vote “No” on HR 2826. Tell them this bill is tantamount to supporting the “Muslim Immigration Ban”.  

Use this list to make your calls:

Sample Script:  “ Representative _______________ , I am very much opposed to H.R. 2826.  This refugee bill is UnAmerican.  It deprives all of us of the benefits of aiding our fellow human beings in their times of crisis.  We are better than this.  The World deserves more from us.  Please vote no on this legislation.”


House bill will strictly limit refugees, harm Americans and economic outcomes.

CATO Institute findings on HR 2826.

News reported on June 28, 2017 by CNN