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Action-A-Day 6/7: Call on Governor Hogan to commit Maryland to joining the U.S. Climate Alliance

While other states are signing on to the newly-formed U.S. Climate Alliance and pledging action on climate change, Governor Hogan has deflected calls for Maryland to join the alliance. On June 1, his spokesperson said that Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord "is not an action the governor would have taken,"  yet Hogan remains on the sidelines as other governors (both Republicans & Democrats) commit to meeting the standards in the Paris accord.  #ActonClimate

1. Contact Governor Larry Hogan
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Twitter: @LarryHogan

Calling is the most effective action, but if you cannot call, please take action in some form.

2. Encourage Maryland friends & family to contact Governor Hogan also.

SAMPLE SCRIPT (Please reword in your own words)
Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a Maryland resident.  I'm calling to urge Governor Hogan to make Maryland a member of the U.S. Climate Alliance. We should not sit on the sidelines while other states join forces to pledge action on climate change.

I thank Governor Hogan for signing the renewed greenhouse gas emissions reduction act last year and for supporting the fracking ban this year. Joining the U.S. Climate Alliance is an important next step for his environmental agenda and will demonstrate our state's leadership on climate action. Thank you.

Source: "Hogan Must Lead Md's Climate Change Commitment," an op-ed by Chiara D'Amore, a state coordinator of Together We Will Maryland.
The Baltimore Sun, 6/6/17

"We believe it is critically important that Maryland affirm its commitment to the mission of the Paris accord in solidarity with the world. We want to see our state be a clear and committed leader in clean energy, a leader in reducing heat-trapping emissions and a leader in creating jobs in a low-carbon economy. We need to show the world that while President Trump abandoned the international climate agreement, individuals, cities and states are not standing idly by. We are asking Governor Hogan to join the growing chorus of bipartisan climate leaders; this is no time for equivocation or silence."


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