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Action-A-Day 6/28: Enlist friends & family to oppose & defeat the GOP TrumpCare bill in the Senate

ACTION Enlist friends & family to oppose & defeat the GOP TrumpCare bill in the Senate

Senate Republicans delayed a  vote on the Obamacare repeal bill (Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 or BCRA), but a delay is not a final victory. Mitch McConnell has said he plans to make changes to the bill and have a vote after the holiday.

Remember: some Senators have expressed opposition for the bill "in its current form" -- meaning they may be open to voting yes, just as House Republicans made a few changes and pushed through their version of ACA repeal in May. The fight is not over. McConnell will be twisting arms and making deals to get to the 50 votes needed to pass the bill.

It's time to give TrumpCare a knockout punch to defeat it for good.


  • Keep blowing up the phones. It's working! During the recess, Senators will be talking to their district offices, so calls at the district level are especially effective at this time.
  • KeySenators in 10 states remain the most likely targets for "no" votes: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Arkansas & Louisiana.
  • Thank Senators Collins (Maine) and Heller (Nevada) for committing to vote against the bill.  
  • Make it clear to other GOP Senators that only a NO vote is acceptable. This is a bad bill. Negotiating tweaks around the margins will not make it better.

1. Get friends & family, especially those living in the 10 key states, to urge their Senators to vote NO on TrumpCare when it finally comes up for a vote.

A phone call is the most effective way to engage your friends/family, but an email, text or social media message would also work. Share why you personally think this is important. Aim to reach out to at least three people.

2. Some particular segments of your rapid response team you may wish to target:

  • Those who oppose the Trump agenda, but may not be taking action: They may just need information and encouragement. Share call scripts & other resources (see #3) to get them started.
  • People aged 50-64:  The Senate bill allows insurers to charge older customers five times as much as younger ones.
  • Anyone with a pre-existing condition
  • Young couples planning to start a family, and their parents who are hoping to have grandchildren: The Senate bill would allow states to apply to waive the essential health benefits required by the ACA, which includes maternity benefits.
  • Anyone with employer-based health insurance who thinks the ACA appeal won't impact them: The CBO projects that four million people would lose employer health coverage in 2018 if the Senate's plan to repeal the ACA becomes law. 

“Simply put, if there's a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family, this bill will do you harm. And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks… cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.”  -- Barack Obama, 6/22/17

3.  Share call scripts to provide facts & messages for contacting Senators

Stop Trumpcare in the Senate -- General Call Script (For Any GOP Senator)
Daily Call Scripts For the 10 Key States

3.  Make sure your friends/family know the potential impact of TrumpCare on their state

Find MoveOn's state-specific videos for key states
(MoveOn YouTube / Save our Health Care playlist)

Alaska -- If Sen. Murkowski votes for health care repeal

Arizona -- If Sen. Flake votes for health care repeal

Louisiana -- If Sen. Cassidy votes for health care repeal

Maine -- If Sen. Collins votes for health care repeal

Nevada -- If Sen. Heller votes for health care repeal

Ohio -- If Sen. Portman votes for health care repeal

West Virginia -- If Sen. Capito votes for health care repeal

4.  Help tell the story if the disastrous impact TrumpCare poses for the most vulnerable: for children with special needs, the disabled, seniors in nursing homes, and people who are poor and sick.

The Senate Version of TrumpCare = Higher Costs for Americans

@MoveOn on Twitter
Retweet the "Mean" tweets and the #ProtectOurCare tweets.

MoveOn on Facebook
Share the "Stand With Leo" video about a 4-year-old with cerebral palsy who would be denied the care he needs if TrumpCare passes.

Let our Senators know you appreciate their opposition to TrumpCare.
Senator Ben Cardin

Senator Chris Van Hollen


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