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Action-A-Day 6/27/17: Stop the Senate Healthcare/Wealth-care Bill of 2017.

ACTION:  Stop the Senate Healthcare/Wealth-care Bill of 2017.   We need Healthcare for All vs. All the Healthcare That Each Can Afford.

“Numerous studies document the many inefficiencies of our “system” and its high financial costs. Likewise, study after study documents our failure to provide healthcare to all those who need it, as well as the vast disparities in health and healthcare in terms of class, race, and sex. Finally, our failure to guarantee healthcare to all exacerbates economic inequality through high out-of-pocket costs for care, medical debt, and bankruptcy.”

-————The Sanders Institute

CALL TO ACTION:  This week the Carroll CAN Call To Action Team will be asking for your support to really make an effort to oppose the Senate Health Bill led by Mitch McConnell. Multiple organizations including AARP, The American Medical Association (AMA) and National Nurses United, oppose this bill.  Many congress members and Senators also oppose this bill.  And the congressional budget office has pointed out the significant problems and deficiencies in this bill.  It does not represent Americans’ concerns and needs. This plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is rife with “ Meanness”.  Costs for average people will soar while billionaires and millionaires receive more tax credit breaks amounting to billions of dollars in their pockets.  This plan literally reduces healthcare to life and death harm for millions of people.


1). Make Calls.  If you called last week, Thank You!  But please call again and everyday this week.

The following Senators have been identified as possible swing votes to say NO and stop this Bill.  Three sample scripts are included to assist your calls.

Sample Script #1.  STOP Trumpcare in the Senate; REJECT the destruction of Medicare and Medicaid, the attack on Planned Parenthood, and the giveaway to the richest 1%.  Protect the democratic process and say No to this rushed, unjust repeal of the American trust.

Sample Script#2:  “ I am an American who believes heath is a basic, fundamental human right.  Why haven’t there been hearings on this bill that affects ⅙ of our economy? With this bill, Our government will be misappropriating billions of dollars to create a failing system.  Please vote No to the Newest Healthcare Bill before you.  Save children, save elders, save the sick, save the handicapped, and save my hard earned dollars and insurance premiums.  I also need the Senator to stand up and say No to this rushed process.  Stand up and say No to big Pharma companies and Insurance Billionaires.  Protect the American people!   In 2009 and 2010, there were hundreds of hours of hearings. There were town halls. Will the Senator commit that he/she won’t let this bill come to a vote until there’s been a full public hearing on it?

Sample Script #3. I am calling to ask the Senator to urge Senator McConnell in his role as Senate Majority Leader to slow down.   I am concerned that the secrecy and speed of the AHCA bill don’t serve the American public. These hasty actions are hurting America.  I would like Sen. McConnell to show Americans he values transparency and democratic debate by slowing down the process and having open, collaborative hearings that address the needs of all Americans.

Please call each of these Senators: 

Lisa Murkowski (AK) - (202)-224-6665

Dan Sullivan (AK) - (202)-224-3004

Jeff Flake (AZ) - 202-224-4521

Cory Gardner (CO) - (202) 224-5941

Joni Ernst (IA) - (202) 224-3254

Grassley (IA) - (202) 224-3744

Dean Heller (NV) - 202-224-6244

Rob Portman (OH) - 202-224-3353

Lamar Alexander (TN) - (202) 224-4944

Bob Corker (TN) - 202-224-3344

Shelley Capito (WV) - 202-224-6472

Susan Collins ME, -202-224-2523

2). Now is the time to engage your rapid response Call to Action Team.  This means calling or emailing your friends and family and asking them to also make these calls to stop this Healthcare/Wealth-care bill.   You can use the following chart of detailed information from Indivisible to better clarify these positions State by state.

3) Share this Call to Action by copying and pasting and sending to your rapid response teams(friends and family).  See the last link below for more information on creating a rapid response team.

BACKGROUND: see previous Carroll CAN call to action issues found in the archives on our website, at  

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