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Action-a-Day 6/24: Self-Care Saturday- Tips for Practicing Self-Care

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all that is going on in our world today.  We can start to feel anxious, stressed, or saddened while trying to stay informed and resist.  One way to help with those emotions is to practice self-care.  Self-care is about taking the time and energy to meet our own needs and care for ourself. There are many ways to practice self-care and it will look different for everyone.  In an article on Psych, they suggest to prioritize and be sure to make time for the things you enjoy the most, whether it is watching an episode of your favorite show each evening or waking up with the sunrise to enjoy your first cup of coffee in peace. Another idea from the same article was to check in with yourself. For Pershing, self-care is all about listening. Her biggest tip, she said, is to sit still and pay attention. “I literally sit for five minutes — somewhere quiet and comfy – and do a quick check-in physically, intellectually, emotionally [and] spiritually, asking ‘What do I notice? What do I need?’ in each area.” (excerpt from article on Practicing Self-Care). I think another idea that we can all agree is a good one to do, yet can be difficult to carry out is to step away from the screen from time to time.  Don't check your Facebook feed or the news for a day or even an entire weekend and allow yourself to enjoy the unconnected time.  Maybe going solo to a movie you've been wanting to see or taking a hike by yourself would be self-care for you.  Here are many more ideas for self-care from  Find something that will work for you or even better, find several things that sound good to you and then do them!