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Action-A-Day: Fight back against Trumpcare + Flashback Friday

ACTION: Complete Indivisible's "Our Amendment" online form to submit an amendment for the Senate bill to your 2 Senators. The GOP is using a process called reconciliation to rush the bill through Congress. This process only requires 50 votes to pass the bill but the catch is that it has to allow an unlimited number of amendments. Indivisible has created an easy to use form to request that our Senators add amendments to the proposal, to protect Americans from the harm that would be caused if the Senate bill passed as-is.

FOLLOW UP ACTION: Call the Senate main line at 202-224-3121, Chris Van Hollen 202-224-4654 and Ben Cardin 202-224-4524 and visit if you are able.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: I am [NAME] from [ZIP CODE] and I am calling to ask Senator [NAME] to submit an amendment to the Senate Health Care Bill which would prevent increases consumer premium cost, and protect medicaid funding, essential services, consumer protections and funding for preventative and life saving services at Planned Parenthood.

BACKGROUND: Yesterday, ADAPT (a disability advocacy group) organized a protest outside of Senate Majority leader McConnell's office. DC Capitol police forcibly removed these folks from their wheelchairs  to break up the protest, as seem in video footage from TIME magazine. GOP members of the Senate have been working hurriedly behind closed doors on their new proposal for an ACA replacement. The Senate proposal drastically reduces funding for medicaid and Planned Parenthood and it would allow insurers to drop coverage for essential services, like mental health. NPR has compiled a chart to compare ACA to the House Bill and to the Senate Bill.

NY Times: Senate Health Care Bill cuts deep into Medicaid
TIME: Video shows disability advocates forcibly removed from Senate protest
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