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Action-A-Day 6/15: Keep the pressure on #StopTrumpcare

ACTION: Call your U.S. Senators and tell them to reject TrumpCare and the GOP's closed-room deal to take health care away from 23 million people. Also, focus on urging your contacts in the key states to do the same...and repeatedly (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Arkansas & Louisiana)!

GOP Senators are trying to do what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill in secrecy, without public hearings, without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, and without knowing its full impact on American families. That's why the time to put on the pressure is now. The Indivisible Project has put together new resources and an action plan.

Call your Senators and urge them to vote no on TrumpCare. Ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant who handles health care. Then send an email to follow up & ask for a response.


Refer to the Senate Sample Call Script (In Resources below) and reword in your own words. To find out how many people would lose health coverage in your state under TrumpCare, see the interactive map at "Impact of TrumpCare by State" (    

Optional:  Share a brief personal story. Are you or someone you care about at risk of losing health coverage under TrumpCare? 

Also consider joining's Text Team to help encourage folks around the country to call their Senators.

Indications are that the fight will come down to key Senators in 10 states:  West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Arkansas & Louisiana.

Urge friends & family in these states to call their Senators. Give them the TrumpCare Ten plan (in Resources) with contact info, TrumpCare facts & graphics.

You don't have to be a constituent to tweet at a Member of Congress. Use the shareable graphics in the TrumpCare Ten plan to tweet to the targeted Senators to amplify the message to #StopTrumpCare.


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