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Action-A-Day 5/2/17. It's Time To Vote! Make Your Voice Count!

ACTION:  Its Time to Get Out And Vote:  All Politics are local!

OVERVIEW:   As the saying goes, " All politics are local".  This phrase first coined by            Tip O' Neil after his one and only failed election while in college,  was used to understand the ways of voters.  Today I am using it in a very literal way.  Now is the time for local politics, for local decisions which actually do impact each of us in Carroll County.  And now is the first season of 2017 to participate in local elections.  Each town, each district has separate elections.  Currently in the State of Maryland, Carroll County, we are choosing our Mayors and Town/City Councils.  Look below and mark the date for your turn to vote and have the first say in how your government is going to run for the next four years.  Make sure you and your friends and family are legally registered to vote.  Check out how to help others register.  And watch for a future call to action to assist in further GET-OUT-THE -VOTE initiatives.  Review the Call to Action on this page from April 26, 2017.  

Note: Mt Airy and Taneytown elections were yesterday.  But you can still visit the election page for information about your candidates.


Town/City Elections:

Monday, May 1, 2017:        

                Town of Mt.Airy --- Vote for Mayor and Town Council

                City of Taneytown --- Vote for City Council

Tuesday May 2, 2017 :       

                Town of Sykesville --- Vote for Mayor and Town Council

Tuesday May 9, 2017 :    

                Town of Hampstead--- Vote for Town Council

                Town of New Windsor --- Vote for Mayor and Town Council

                Town of Union Bridge --- Vote for Town Council

                City of Westminster --- Vote for Mayor and City Council

Tuesday May 16, 2017:    

                Town of Manchester --- Vote for Town Council

Register To Vote:

Carroll County Board of Elections

Maryland State Board of Elections