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Action-A-Day 5/17: Call on Congress to hold Trump accountable to the law

ACTION: Demand an immediate independent investigation of #TrumpRussia and possible obstruction of justice  
In the wake of apparent attempts by President Trump to derail FBI investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, along with the troubling connections of many Trump associates to Russian officials, we must continue to press for a special prosecutor to look into Trump's connections to the Russian government & whether the Comey firing should be considered obstruction of justice.
The American people deserve transparency and a nonpartisan pursuit of the truth.
The New York Times reported on 5/16 that Trump personally pressured FBI director James Comey to drop the ongoing criminal investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. On Tuesday evening (5/16), all Dems on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees signed a letter calling for a joint investigation of Trump & top White House aides.
Note:  #TrumpRussia & related stories are evolving. Recommended strategies may change as events proceed. As of Tuesday 5/16, Indivisible Guide has recommended the following:
1.  There are three possibilities for achieving an independent investigation: independent commission, independent special prosecutor authorized by Congress, or a special prosecutor appointed by the Dept of Justice. Of the three, a DOJ-appointed special prosecutor is the best option right now.

From Indivisible Guide's "Constitutional Crisis: Truth Or Trump":  "Before Comey’s firing, it seemed unthinkable that Trump would allow the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor. Things have changed... There should be no other option for the DOJ than to appoint a special prosecutor. The question is whether they will feel the necessary pressure to do it. The hard truth is that Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell will not allow legislation on a commission or special prosecutor to move forward."

2.  Slow the Senate to a crawl until we get a special prosecutor.
From Indivisible Guide's "Constitutional Crisis: Truth Or Trump":  "Congress should not be conducting business as usual when our democracy is under direct threat. It is every Member of Congress' sworn duty to protect and defend our country, including from abuses of power by the sitting President. And, we have some leverage in the Senate, where any individual Senator has the power to slow and even shut down legislative business. That gives them a lot of power, and they should be using it."
1.  Call Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and demand appointment of a special prosecutor.

202-353-1555 (DOJ comment line)
Or go to / Contact / Contact Us Form & select "Messages to the Deputy Attorney General" in the "choose a general topic" dropdown box.
2.  Ask our Senators to stop the Senate from conducting business until a special prosecutor is appointed.
Ben Cardin contact page:

Chris Van Hollen contact page:

Thank them for supporting an independent investigation into #TrumpRussia, and thank Cardin for sponsoring S.27 to establish an independent commission. Then politely urge them to take the next step in the face of GOP refusals to hold Trump accountable. Ask that they object on every motion & filibuster every piece of legislation until we get a special prosecutor.
3.  Let GOP lawmakers know you object to their continued shielding of the White House. Demand that they stop putting party over country & that they lend support to the appointment of a special prosecutor.
GOP members of the Senate Intelligence Committee:
Richard Burr, NC (Committee Chair) (202) 224-3154
James Risch, ID (202) 224-2752
Marco Rubio, FL (202) 224-3041
Susan Collins, ME (202) 224-2523
Roy Blunt, MO (202) 224-5721
James Lankford, OK (202) 224-5754
Tom Cotton, AR (202) 224-2353
John Cornyn, TX (202) 224-2934
Calling is the most effective action, but if you cannot call, please take action in some form.  

Text 'resist' to RESISTBOT at 50409 & follow the prompts to have ResistBot deliver a message to your Members of Congress. ResistBot is a free service and requires no downloads or apps.
Send an ONLINE FAX through a free service like No fax machine is needed.
TWEET your call for a special prosecutor. Tweet to Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (@Senator Burr), other Congressional Republicans, the Department of Justice (@TheJusticeDept), etc. 
Use hashtags #TrumpRussia #TrumpPutin #RussiaGate to help your Tweet show up in searches.
PETITION for Special Prosecutor After Comey Firing (Public Citizen)
Make plans to MARCH FOR TRUTH on Saturday, June 3.
If you march, let people know why. Even if you can’t attend, tell friends & family about the #MarchForTruth and spread the word on social media.
Constitutional Crisis: Truth Or Trump (Indivisible Guide)
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