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Action-A-Day. 5/16/17. Oppose Sam Clovis for USDA Under Secretary

ACTION:  Oppose Sam Clovis for Under-Secretary of the USDA-REE


"Science, not opinion, should guide our recommendations and policies. "

------ Dr. Vivek Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States of America 


 "---- this position should have someone who evaluates the scientific body of evidence and moves appropriately from there.”

------Catherine Woteki, former USDA Under- Secretary


OVERVIEW:  #45 demands loyalty above competence.  He chooses people to be his advisors based on unquantifiable measures which are often indefensible.  Education, knowledge, wisdom...... none of these are pre-requisite for many Trump appointed positions.  This is completely irrational and measurably bad policy for the citizens of the United States and for the world at large.  


Currently, Trump is making overtures to nominate/appoint Sam Clovis as Under-Secretary for the USDA-REE (United States Department of Agriculture Research, Education and Economics). This position, by mandate of the 2008 Farm Bill, requires a qualified scientist be appointed by the President of the US and confirmed by Senate majority.  Sam Clovis, Trump's nominee does not possess these credentials.  While he is an educated man, his degrees are in political studies and economic policy.   He has No science background, No published academic work, and is best known as a conservative radio talk show host from Iowa.  Clovis is the former Rick Perry for President Iowa Campaign Director.  Also known as a " Rockstar" with the Siouxland tea party.  He became a Co-Director to the Trump Election campaign after leaving Rick Perry's campaign.  He was also instrumental in recruiting Carter Page as Foreign policy advisor to the Presidency. (Carter Page has come under scrutiny by the intelligence community due to his suspicious ties with Russians with questionable motives).  Clovis is also a Climate Change denier who has been quoted as saying, "I believe Climate Science is merely a way to transfer wealth from one group of people to another group of people".  


The position of UnderSecretary is a significant post.  This individual will have "sole" responsibility for coordinating USDA trade policies.  Their focus is also on the tasks of managing national forestry lands and this individual will have DIRECT SUPERVISION of ALL rural land development, throughout the country, going forward.  Lastly, this position is responsible for maintaining all scientific research and scientific publishing integrity to come out of the USDA.  Under the provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill, Title VII, Research management, it is stated that the USDA underSecretary will be the "Chief Scientist of the USDA".   We deserve someone who understands the science of this position and who will make credible recommendations to the President in all areas including nutrition, health, and environmental matters affecting agricultural concerns.




1). Call your Senators and remind them the country wants to "remain great" ..... 


Sample Script:  " Senator_______________.   As described in the 2008 Farm Bill, we demand that qualified scientists hold appropriate positions which inform policy.  We Do NOT support a radio personality holding thehigh office of Chief Scientist and conducting National Business on behalf of the public.  Vote NO to Sam Clovis as USDA Under Secretary.  He is simply not qualified for the job". 


Ben Cardin contact page:



Chris VanHollen contact page:



2). Copy and paste this Call to Action;  Share it with your state, local, and national Rapid Response Teams.


3).  Write a postcard to #45 and ask him to appoint REAL Scientists to The Positions that matter so America will remain Great and we can all trust our government again.   We want Truth and Evidence;  Not lies, smoke and mirrors.  #NotSamClovis4US-orUSDA

4). Tweet:  #NotSamClovis4US-orUSDA




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