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Action-A-Day 5/11: Rally support for our AHCA Protest in DC 5/18

ACTION: Spread the invite to our AHCA protest in DC on Thursday 5/18/17 while the House is in session! 

Join us for an AHCA protest on Capitol Hill to let the members of the House of Representatives know how the Americans they represent feel about their vote to PASS the AHCA (HR 1628). They will be returned to Capitol Hill 5/16/17 and need to hear from us! The senate needs to see the backlash so they know what to expect if they don’t KILL THIS BILL!

Not everyone who will be affected if this bill passes, is in a situation where they are able to take the day off work to join us. If you can make it, PLEASE ATTEND FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT! We are in this together and access to healthcare affects ALL of us! Whether you can attend or not, please share the event on your facebook page or rrt!

BACKGROUND INFO: The Republican’s bill will take health care away from 24 million people in order to fund an enormous tax break for the rich. The bill that the House passed is cruel. It would end Medicaid as we know it and put millions of people with pre-existing conditions in life-threatening danger. Hundreds of representatives supported health care legislation that would force more people to choose between life-saving medical care and crushing debt or bankruptcy.