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Action-A-Day, 4/5: Call on MD lawmakers to take action on pending bills before the legislative session ends April 10.

Action-A-Day, 4/5/17:  Call on state lawmakers to take action on pending bills in the MD General Assembly before the legislative session ends April 10.

1.  Ask your delegates & senator to support the HOUSE VERSION of the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act (HB 428/SB 574). This bill creates a process to terminate the parental rights of rapists when a child is conceived as a result of rape.  Tell your reps to reject the Senate amendments that would permit publishing names of rape victims and children.

2. Ask the Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs committee to schedule a vote for HB 1463, which requires veterinarians to report suspected animal cruelty to law enforcement, similar to the requirement that doctors report suspected child abuse.

HB 1463 passed the house and had a hearing on 4/4 in the Senate committee. If the bill does not get a committee vote and a favorable report, it will not go to the Senate for a vote and will be dead for the year. Contact the Senate committee:

Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3661

3. The Senate Judicial Proceedings committee is not letting the MD Law Enforcement & Governmental Trust Act / SB 835 out of committee for a vote. (The House version has passed.) SB 835 would prevent law enforcement from racially profiling an individual simply because they look as if they could be undocumented. Enforcing immigration policy is a federal responsibility; using local police for immigration enforcement undermines trust between police and the communities they serve. SB 835 would also stop MD from contributing to any Muslim registry. 

Senator Justin Ready has stated his opposition to this bill. Ask friends and family in other MD senatorial districts to urge their senators to ask Judicial Proceedings chair Bobby Zirkin to bring the bill to a vote. Also, you can call Senate President Mike Miller and ask him to support movement on the bill.  410-841-3700 | 301-858-3700

See the Carroll CAN CTA for 3/17/17 for more info.

4. HB 909 (the MD Health Insurance Coverage Protection Act) has passed the House but is currently in the Senate Finance Committee. It must be voted out of the committee to go to the Senate for a vote. Call Finance committee chair Thomas Middleton and urge him to schedule a committee vote.



Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3616

HB 909 would establish a commission to assess the impact of federal changes to specified health care programs (i.e. the ACA) and recommend state and local action to protect access to affordable health coverage.

5.  Call Governor Larry Hogan and ask him to sign HB 1083 (Family Planning Services -- Continuity of Care) to continue funding Planned Parenthood in MD. Rumor has it that he is tallying calls to see where public support lies and his lines have been easy to get through on 410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336. See the 4/3 Carroll CAN action for more information.

6. Ask Senate President Mike Miller to schedule a vote on HB 334 on puppy mill licensing, which lowers the number of breeding dogs that qualify a person as a breeder so that more commercial dog breeders will be monitored. The bill passed the House and received a favorable report from the Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs committee. If the bill does not reach the Senate floor for a vote, it is dead for the year.





Contact MD friends and family to encourage them to reach out to their state reps on these bills. If your friend is new to making calls about legislation, reassure them that the process is fast and simple. Make it easy by looking up their reps' contact info and encourage them to save it to their phones for future calls.



MD Coalition Against Sexual Assault -- Rape Survivor Family Protection Act


Washington Post, 1/27/17 article re MD Law Enforcement Trust Act

Thanks to Together We Will Maryland for info for this CTA, which has been updated with additional research by Carroll CAN.