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Action-A-Day 4/4: MARCH FOR SCIENCE APRIL 22, 2017

ACTION:  Attend the March for Science on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in Washington DC or one of the 400+ satellite marches world wide. 

OVERVIEW:  On EarthDay April 22, 2017: "We walk out of the lab and into the streets!
This march & rally is with scientists and science enthusiasts from all walks of life.  We are called to action to protect the vital role science plays in every area of our lives, including policy-making. We believe in science - not silence."-------March for Science Website.

The war on science is a war on our health, our national security and on our economy.  The war on science is a war with ourselves.  Science is the bedrock of all decision-making in every facet of modern life.  It informs us of medical breakthroughs and cures.  Science helps us create technology which makes life safer, exciting, fun and at times simply more bearable.  It affects our farming and agricultural industries, as well as clothing manufacturing and our transportation systems.   Virtually every facet of life on the planet relies on the findings in scientific inquiry and research.  The scientific method is the only real way we have of finding fact from fiction.  

However, while we know the benefits of science, we have an administration and even a culture now, which would suppress the truth claims, reason and rationality of science itself.  Twisting and deliberately misleading the public good in favor of short term personal benefits for a small minority.  The all out assault on current immigration policy is an affront to science as well.  It is already being reported that international applications from the best and brightest are stilted and suppressed.  Additionally, institutions of learning and research are in jeopardy because of the Executive Branch's budgetary assaults in 2017.   Federal agencies are gag-ordered to withhold vital information.  And scientific data is being destroyed and removed from the public realms in the name of Executive Orders.  Everyday, scientists are losing critical funding in every sector.

It's time to say NO!  NO more ridiculous lies and accusations.  The truth is in the data.  Join people all over the world to stand up for the truth and facts.  Take a stand for science and not silence.

TAKE ACTION:  "The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science that serves the common good".-------March for Science Website 

  1). Make plans to attend the March for Science in Washington DC

  2). Signup for a virtual rally/march or 

  3). Attend a satellite event.


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