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Action-A-Day 4/30: Service Sunday: Stand in Solidarity with Immigrants on May Day

From    On Monday, May 1st, immigrant communities are leading a strike and rallies for full dignity and respect for frontline communities and undocumented individuals, and against policies that seek to harm and marginalize individuals.

It is on this day that we will continue to resist deportations, resist any attempts at a border wall, resist the Muslim Ban, and resist the criminalization of immigrant communities. 

We will stand in solidarity with immigrants–undocumented immigrants, Muslim immigrants, Black immigrants, Latino immigrants, and everyone who falls into multiple variations of these identities. 

5 Ways You Can Be Involved on May 1st:

  1. Strike in solidarity – Tens of thousands of immigrants and their allies will refuse to work on May 1. Strike in solidarity from your own work if it is possible.  
  2. Attend an action near you. (Scroll down and search by your Zip Code to see if there is an action near you.) 
  3. Boycott – Do not buy anything on May 1. 
  4. Print and post "No Ban. No Wall. No Raids." posters in your neighborhood. Click here to see them. 
  5. Wear yellow. 

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