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Action-A-Day 2/28: URGENT Save Our Healthcare

House Republicans are trying to rush a deeply flawed health care bill through Congress, and it could happen today.

This bill would take away health insurance from 24 million people and end protections for pre-existing conditions. 


1. In Andy Harris’ District?

We need to  flood Andy Harris’ offices with calls. Calls helped stop the first Trumpcare bill. We can do it again.

D.C. Office: 202-225-5311

If you can't get through, keep trying, or call the district office numbers:

Bel Air Office: 410-588-5670

Kent Island Office: 410-643-5425

Salisbury Office: 443-944-8624


"I'm a constituent and a voter in Rep. Harris's district, and I'm calling to urge Rep. Harris to vote NO on the latest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take away health care from 24 million Americans."

If you leave a message, be sure to include your name and full mailing address, so that they know that you are a constituent. And if you have a health care story of your own, please share it—personal stories can impact lawmakers' decisions.

2. Not in Andy Harris’ district?

There are still things you can do:

  • Alert your Rapid Response team
  • Be sure to personally ask friends and family to call their Republican reps immediately.
  • Give even a small donation to MoveOn (click here), because they are working hard on a grassroots campaign to stop Trumpcare and lay the groundwork for actual health care solutions, like Medicare for All. They say they are working on more town hall meetings, protests, hard-hitting videos, social media campaigns, and other actions to fiercely defend health care for millions of Americans.


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