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Action-A-Day 4/27: Comment on Carroll County's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

ACTION: Submit a comment to the Carroll County Dept of Planning regarding their propsed Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Comments can be submitted through the Planning Dept's comment form. Your comments should also be drafted into an email and sent to  to so that the commissioners receive a copy directly.

BACKGROUND: Carroll County's Deot of Planning has issued 2 surveys and held public meetings surrounding the design of their Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and have posted the draft maps for the plan on their website. Per the project's webpage, the vision for this project is as follows, "Carroll County is a diverse community made up of suburban centers, towns, rural areas, places of recreation and heritage destinations that are well connected in a safe and efficient manner to enable recreational choices and transportation options.". 

During the 3/21/17 public hearing, Commissioner Dennis Frazier told attendees that the commissioners need to hear from the residents of Carroll County as to whether they want this project to move forward. Carroll County is extremely limited in affordable and reliable transportation options for those without a personal vehicle. Many of our residents rely on foot and bicycle transportation to go to work, the store, doctors, etc. This plan will greatly impact those who want better bicycle and pedestrian options for both recreation and necessity.