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Action-A-Day 4/25/17 Save the Earth, There is No Plan-et B


ACTION:   Stand up for Planet Earth:  There is NO Plan-et B!

OVERVIEW:  Climate Science provided by NASA and other outstanding institutions, indicate we are continuing to damage our planet world-wide.  An article in the Guardian explains how an entire river changed course and disappeared completely in four days, just last month, due to the melting of a glacier.  It is time to embrace the reality and keep our commitments to the world and ourselves.  Small sacrifices now are worth the lasting positive impact later.  Our future and the future for our children and the children of the planet worldwide really do depend on the actions we take everyday going forward. 

Politicians from both sides of the aisle have acknowledged that climate change is a growing global crisis which threatens the health, resources, and security of every human being on the planet.  The 2015 ratification of the Paris Agreement was an unprecedented global response to climate change.  The Agreement 's 195 signatories, including the United States, formally committed all of us to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to slow the pace of climate change and the devastation it is causing each day.

Despite the urgency to address climate change however, Scott Pruitt and other members of Trump's administration are still advocating for the U.S. to renege on our promises and either withdraw completely or reduce our emission goals.  Either decision to disengage from this agreement will represent the moment in history when the United States turned its back on the safety and welfare of its citizens and the world to pursue short term limited gain for a limited few people.

1). Call the Office of Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency and firmly demand that the United States NOT withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement.

    Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the EPA, 202-564-4700

    Sample Script:  Hello, I'm calling to urge the United States to remain a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement.  For the sake of our economy, health and national security, the United States must continue to lead the global fight against destructive climate changes.  Thank you for your time and consideration of this vital concern

2).  *Call your legislators and ask them to strongly voice their support of the Paris Climate Agreement.*

Senator Ben Cardin            202-224-4524

Senator Chris VanHollen        202-224-4654

Representative Jamie Raskin        202-225-5341

Representative Andy Harris        202-225-5311

3).  Make plans to attend the People's March for Climate, Saturday April 29, 2017 in Washington DC or attend one of the satellite rallies or marches, worldwide.

4).  Join Moms Clean Air Force, and work to keep the air clean

5).  Read up on Climate Science and educate yourself and your friends and loved ones as to why this is a crisis.

* Note:  The House and Senate are on a break until May 1.   You can leave messages at their D.C. Offices.  Or call a local office.  Use the provided link below each name to find a local phone number.


Article from Scientific American, published in Salon:

Interview with Scott Pruitt, Clean Air and Health

Nations and Areas identified as National Security concerns in context of Climate Changes:

River Vanishes due to Glacier Receding