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Action-A-Day 4/23: Service Sunday

Perform a random act of kindness for someone you know or a stranger.  

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Write positive sticky notes with phrases like "You are awesome." or "Be the reason someone smiles today." and leave them around town, in your workplace, or at school.  Maybe in a library book or on the back of a bathroom stall?  

2. Write a handwritten letter to show your appreciation.  The next time someone does something that you appreciate, let them know with a good old-fashioned card or letter to let them know.  Who doesn't love getting snail mail?

3. The next time you are eating at a restaurant, make an effort to be kind to your server.  Give them a smile and ask how their day is going.  Be understanding if the food doesn't come out as quickly as you'd like.  Remember to tip nicely and maybe include a smiley or uplifting note on the receipt.  

4. Make dinner for someone or cookies or take them a coffee.  For many, food is a language of love.  Show someone you care by giving them some yummy eats.

All ideas were taken from   Visit the website for many more ideas of random acts of kindness. For educators, there are free lesson plans for K-12 as well.