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Action-A-Day 4/21 – Protect the Environment All Year

Earth Day is Saturday 4/22. Take new action this week to protect the Earth. Then follow it up by creating a routine for the whole year.


Create your own “Protect the Environment” Calendar and schedule one activity each week for yourself or your whole family to work on protecting the environment throughout the year.

Imagine if we each did 52 things this year to help the earth! There are countless possibilities: Reduce meat and dairy consumption, write to congress, opt for a reusable bottle over bottled water, walk or ride your bike more, clean up your local parks, plant a garden, strive for zero waste, volunteer at a nature center, watch films about the environment such as Chasing Ice, Cowspiracy, Gasland, The Cove, or Food Inc., and read books on the topic. The list can go on and on. Do an internet search for “How can I protect the environment" to find inspiration, or check out the links below.

LINKS for inspiration: