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Action-A-Day 4/3: Urge Governor Hogan to support Family Planning HB1083

ACTION: Contact Governor Larry Hogan and urge him to approve HB1083 “Health - Family Planning Services - Continuity of Care” bill. Contact him by snail mail, email, fax and phone.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: My name is [insert name] from [city, MD] and I am calling to urge Governor Hogan to support reproductive health and family planning for Marylanders by passing HB1083 into law. Will Governor Hogan be supporting HB1083 and the women of Maryland?

Snail Mail:
Governor Hogan
100 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401

Call his office phone 410-974-3901

Send a fax 410-974-3275


BACKGROUND: The Health- Family Planning Services – Continuity of Care HB1083 was passed by the Maryland General assembly to protect family planning services for Marylanders, regardless of what happens with the Federal budget. The fate of bill now rests in the hands of Governor Hogan.

The first page of HB1083 describes it as being “For the purpose of establishing the Family Planning Program in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; providing for the purpose of the Program; requiring the Program to provide family planning services to certain individuals through certain providers; authorizing the Department to adopt certain regulations; requiring that funding used to support family planning services under the Program shall be in addition to certain funding; requiring the Maryland Medical Assistance Program to ensure access to and the continuity of services provided by certain family planning providers in a certain manner; defining certain terms; and generally relating to family planning services”.

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Sign this petition to Governor Hogan and share it on social media. The petition is being organized by supporters of Maryland Senator Madaleno who supported the companion bill SB1081.

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