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Action-A-Day 4/19: Thank the sponsors of CCRE

ACTION: Reach out by letter, phone call or email to CCPL, CCPS and CCYSB to express gratitude for their sponsorship of the annual Carroll Citizens for Racial Equality conference. This year’s conference is taking place 5/5/17 and is under scrutiny from Commissioner Rothschild. These agencies need to hear from the community that supports and appreciates their efforts!

Carroll County Public Library
Lynn Wheeler (Director)
Email via:
1100 Green Valley Road
New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone 410-386-4500

Carroll County Public Library Board of Trustees
1100 Green Valley Road
New Windsor, MD 21776
Email via:

Carroll County Public Schools
125 North Court Street
Westminster, Maryland 21157
Stephen Guthrie (Superintendent)
Phone 410-751-3128
Board of Education Contacts and contact via website:

Carroll County Youth Service Bureau
Lynn Davis (Director)
59 Kate Wagner Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Phone (410)848-2500
Andie Luchini, Director of Development and Marketing

SAMPLE SCRIPT (make this your own): I am writing to convey my appreciation for your sponsorship of the Carroll Citizens for Racial Equality Conference on May 5th. I believe in the importance of honest and respectful dialogue on issues of racial, ethnic, religious, and other differences. It is important to learn from the diverse cultures that are part of Carroll County. I am a Carroll County citizen and I deeply appreciate your service to our community, especially your continual efforts to provide our citizens opportunities to learn and grow. Thank you for your involvement in the CCRE Conference:  “What is All This Talk About Privilege?”

[If you feel inspired, please add a sentence or two about your appreciation for the specific organization or adapt the above paragraph to the organization. For example, change “citizens” to “children” or “students” when writing to CCPS]

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Reach out to show support for the event’s other sponsors such as the NAACP, St. Paul’s UCC, the Zepp Center, PFLAG, and the Carroll County Human Relations Commission. If you haven't already, please consider attending the conference in a show of support. This event is amazing each and every year! Registration deadline is 4/28/17

BACKGROUND INFO: Commissioner Rothschild wrote in his Carroll County Times column “Several local government funded organizations are now using their prestige to sponsor privilege propaganda in Carroll County. Unfortunately, these include county-funded nonprofits, our public schools; and our libraries. This is progressive politics at its worst”. He claims “Privilege movement is racism on steroids” and has made it his mission to encourage public scrutiny of the agencies that are supporting the CCRE Conference. This year’s conference is entitled “What’s all this talk about privilege?” and is free and open to the public. Registration deadline is 4/28/17.