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Action-A-Day 4/14 Protect Health, Safety, Consumer and Labor Regulations! 

ACTION: Call your senators today to tell them you disapprove of the REINS Act.

House Republicans have passed the REINS Act, which will strip Executive Agencies of their power to implement new regulations. Any future major regulation adopted by an Executive Agency will need to be approved by a specific resolution in each House of Congress within 70 days to take effect. Just by doing nothing, Congress will be able to undo important regulations enacted for health, safety, consumer and labor protection and affect areas ranging from education to the environment. This violates constitutional separation of powers.

Not many mainstream news outlets seem to be reporting this story. We need to get the word out. Please use your Rapid Response Teams. Consider contacting your favorite public interest organization to see how they plan to influence the Senate. Share this on social media.

SCRIPT: “I oppose the REINS Act. This unconstitutional act will create roadblocks that prevent agencies from working effectively to protect Americans. Please vote NO on the REINS Act.”

Chris Van Hollen: 202-224-4654

Benjamin Cardin: 202-224-4524 email form:


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