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Action-A-Day 3/6: Public comment on the proposed ACA market stability rules

ACTION: Visit to submit a comment to the proposed market stability rules for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare). You can submit comments anonymously, but they tend to carry more weight when a name is entered in addition to the city/state/zip.

SAMPLE SCRIPT (Please tailor this to match your views): I oppose the proposed market stability rules for the ACA. These rules work to increase profit margins for insurance carriers and place and even greater burden on consumers. Cutting the open enrollment period nearly in half greatly reduces accessibility to consumers with a process that can be overwhelming and confusing. Increasing the pre-enrollment verifications  for special enrollment periods makes it necessary for consumers to cut through even more bureaucratic red tape. This extra burden would be placed on consumers simply because a change in the circumstances has left them needing to apply for coverage outside of open enrollment. Allowing insurers to assess a penalty to consumers with outstanding debt for prior unpaid premiums would cause some of the most vulnerable consumers to go without health coverage if they were unable to pay the debt. Increasing the variables  in the actuarial values will lead to fewer consumer friendly options, higher deductibles and higher premium payments. All of these proposed changes are pro-insurance company and NOT pro-americans.

BACKGROUND: Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and Dept of Health and Human Services have proposed some new rules related to enrolling in health coverage. They have published to proposed changes and are accepting public comment until 5pm EST 3/7/17. The full proposal document (71 pages) can be found here. A summary of the 4 major proposed changes and comments can be found here.

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Visit to create your own healthcare bill which can be used to send to your federal elected officials to tell them what you want when it comes to healthcare legislation in the USA.